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What’s The Wildest Thing An Actor Did To Prepare For A Role?

Removing a perfectly healthy tooth for a movie role is pretty wild to me.

Last night, I was shocked to discover that Natalie Portman had to endure a diet of just carrots and almonds, trained hard for eight hours a day for five months, and lost 20 pounds just for a role in Black Swan.

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via Everett

I never knew that actors went to such extreme lengths for a movie role.

So now I'm curious: what are some of the wildest things you've ever heard that an actor did to prepare themselves for a role?

Maybe they changed basically everything about their life and moved overseas, like Adrien Brody did for The Pianist.

Focus Features / Via Everett

We're talkin' any actor before auditions, prior to filming, and during filming.

Or maybe the actor made drastic changes to mirror the life of their character like Robert Pattinson did for Good Time.

A24 / Via Everett

It could even be an actor who took severe physical risks to embody a role, like Leonardo Dicaprio in The Revenant.

20th Century Fox Film Corp / Via Everett

Whatever extreme thing the actor did to prepare, we want to hear about it from you. Use the comments below to tell us about the wildest thing an actor has done for a movie role.

Paramount Pictures / Via Everett

The best submissions will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!