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    42 Problem-Solving Products That Will Help Eliminate Unnecessary Stress From Your Life

    We can't promise these genius products will get rid of all your stress, but they'll at least help you day run a bit smoother.

    1. An ingenious sandwich cutter and sealer with the ability to transform a regular PB&J into an exact replica of those Uncrustables sandwiches your kid loves. Making lunch just got a whole less stressful and whole lot more fun.

    The sandwich cutter and sealer
    Reviewer's photo showing homemade uncrustables

    Promising review: "These have been a GAME CHANGER in this house!! My son has always begged me for Uncrustables but my wallet didn’t agree with them. I LOVE being able to make them at home and customize them to exactly what they would like them filled with! I make two weeks' worth of sandwiches at a time and store them in sandwich bags in the freezer so in the morning during the school year we can just grab and go! Love them!" —Katherine Smaczniak

    Get a set of three from Amazon for $19.96.

    2. A monthly subscription to Silk + Sonder, which sends you a brand-new planner at the start of every month so you can hit the refresh button and stay on top of all your tasks and appointments. It's especially great if you get overwhelmed by a yearlong planner and just want to focus in on one month at a time.

    3. An automatic stirrer so your food doesn't burn at the bottom of the pan as you're running around the kitchen doing a million tasks, like chopping veggies, answering the phone, or listening to your kid ask, "Is dinner ready yet?" a million times.

    red stirrer mixing up a stew on the stove

    4. A rubber squeegee brush if the idea of cleaning up all the pet hair in your carpet seems impossible. This is capable of lifting up so much pet hair you didn't even know was trapped within your carpet. Seriously, run this brush over your carpet, and watch in amazement at the huge fur balls that your vacuum has been missing.

    5. A Zipuller for those busy mornings you keep trying to reach around your back to zip up your dress and it's just NOT happening. You'll wish you had bought this magical product years ago!

    A hand pulling the Zippuller's long strap attached to a zipper

    Just attach, step in, and zip!

    Promising review: "I live alone so one of the biggest troubles I have is zipping up dresses by myself. I tried this product and it works great! I tried it with both small zippers and large zippers. As long as it can loop through the hole, the Zipuller can grip it. Plus, the grip is pretty sturdy and does not become loose when you pull it up. Never has this task been easier! I am so happy that I purchased it and I recommend that you do too!" —Cherie Weissman

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99 (available in three colors).

    6. A sound machine because nothing makes your day immediately more stressful than getting woken up by noisy neighbors or construction and not getting enough sleep. This will drown out all those annoying noises — go ahead and get your beauty sleep. You deserve it.

    The sound machine in black

    7. A set of shower curtain rings with hooks on *both* sides so you can remove just the liner when you need to clean it without having to struggle while dismantling your entire shower curtain setup. It's the little things in life that matter, you know?!

    A close-up of the product showing how each of the two hooks on the bottom can hold a differ thing, with the text
    A reviewer photo of the hooks in their shower

    BuzzFeed Shopping editor Elizabeth Lilly has and loves these. Check out her full shower hook review (#3).

    Promising review: "Where have these hooks been all my life?! They make removing the shower curtain liner for washing SO much easier. The quality is great, and they actually glide across the bar." —CASEINPOINT

    Get a set of 12 from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in three colors).

    8. A bottle of Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go toilet spray to carry with you in case you're somewhere public and you're stressing about leaving behind embarrassing ~odors~ in the bathroom.

    poo-pouri bottle on a table

    9. A TubShroom created for anyone who has to call the plumber every few months when the tub clogs yet again. This lil' guy catches all of your hair before it heads down the drain, and all you have to do is clean it out after every shower.

    A reviewer photo of the tubshroom with hair surrounding it

    10. A dishwasher magnet so you can finally stop screaming out "IS THE DISHWASHER CLEAN OR DIRTY?!" every time you have a dirty spoon. Bonus: The modern design will blend beautifully into your kitchen decor.

    round magnet with "clean" right side up and "dirty" upside down

    11. A plant food spike for anyone who just can't manage to keep their plants alive. This fertilizer is formulated specifically for indoor plants, and one spike lasts up to two months!

    12. Or this moisture meter so you never have to wonder if you're watering your plants too much (or not enough!). It's especially helpful if you have a ton of plants that require different watering schedules.

    13. A bottle of stain-and-odor eliminator that you should always have on hand in case your massive four-legged friend leaves a massive mess on the carpet.

    14. Or this seemingly magical carpet cleaner with the power to lift even the biggest, most atrocious stains. Using this is a much better solution than placing a piece of furniture over the stain and forgetting about it!

    reviewer's stairs with red food stains completely removed from a carpet and walls

    15. A grease splatter screen to place on top of your frying pan while cooking to prevent hot oil from splashing up and getting all over your stovetop. It makes post-dinner cleanup so much easier, and you won't have to worry about the dangerously hot oil splattering onto your hand or arm.

    A reviewer photo of a stainless steel splatter guard sitting on top of a pan on a stove

    16. A hands-free shopping bag carrier if, because of your busy schedule, going to the grocery store is a rare occurrence and now you have oodles of bags to carry home. Never fear — this ergonomically designed carrier can hold up to 200 pounds while still leaving your hands free to open doors or make phone calls.

    17. A clothes folder for anyone whose huge pile of just washed clothes is giving you some serious anxiety. This is so easy and satisfying to use, you might actually look forward (gasp!) to putting your clothes away.

    A step-by-step image on how to use the perforated folder

    18. An Instant Pot Duo Crisp if you're looking to invest in something that practically cooks dinner for you — yes, miracles do exist! This ridiculously handy 11-in-1 kitchen gadget does it all: it pressure cooks, sautés, steams, slow cooks, sous vides, warms, air fries, roasts, bakes, broil and dehydrates.

    stainless steel instant pot with an air fryer attachment. fully roasted chicken next to it

    19. Scrub Daddy — now you won't have to struggle to scrub off that caked-on food on your pan from last night — plus: How could you not be happy looking at this smiling face?! This high-tech tool becomes a firm sponge under cold water and a soft scrubber under hot water. And it stays odor free for eight weeks, unlike traditional sponges.

    yellow scrub daddy
    green scrub daddy

    If these sound familiar, it's because they've been featured on Shark Tank!

    Promising review: "I don't have a dishwasher and have used so many products full of promise. THIS however, cleans better than anything I've ever used. Goes from scrubbing glass to pans with ease. Gets to the grease, lipstick, baked-on junk, all of it and so easy, no elbow grease required. Does not scratch and rinses clean without much effort. I'm a customer for life! I've used the pictured sponge (left) for three weeks and it's still going strong." —Denice

    Get a set of three from Amazon for $9.99.

    20. An automatic shutoff safety outlet so you can stop worrying all day about whether you turned your curling iron off. The peace of mind this smart device will give you is truly priceless.

    21. A seat cushion because you don't want body aches and pains to make your day miserable. Made with orthopedic gel and memory foam, this will keep your derriere feeling comfy during a 10-hour workday or a long road trip. It's like sitting on clouds!

    Reviewer's swivel office chair with a memory foam cushion resting on it

    22. A jalapeño corer for anyone who knows the struggles of trying to get the seeds and ribs out of the center of these little guys. If you're someone who hates getting jalapeño juice on their fingers (the burn!!!), you'll love how this gadget allows you to spend minimal time touching the peppers.

    Reviewer's picture of multiple cored jalapeño peppers with the corer

    23. A sweater pill remover so you don't have to replenish your sweater collection at the end of every season from all the pilling that happens. Just lightly brush this stone across your sweater and watch all those unsightly pills disappear — it'll look brand new!

    model using a sweater pill remover stone to get rid of pills on a white sweater

    24. A lick mat that can be attached to a shower wall to distract skittish dogs with yummy peanut butter while their human gives them a bath or grooms them. Finally, something that takes all the stress out of your dog's bath time!

    25. A scratch remover because even the best of drivers can get scratches on their cars from time to time. No need for that to ruin your day — just use this to buff out those surface scrapes instead of heading to the repair shop and shelling out big $$$.

    26. A magnetic key holder so you're not running around the house frantically trying to find your keys when you're already running 30 minutes late. Just place this by your front door so you can grab and go!

    reviewer showing two sets of keys magnetically attached to a cloud-shaped key holder

    27. A 32-ounce hydration-tracking water bottle because when you have a busy day, making sure you drink enough water can be hard to do. By drinking two of these a day, you'll be better hydrated, which will help your energy levels and help you focus all day long.

    person holding up a hydration tracking bottle

    28. A monthly budget planner to take the guesswork out of money management. Now you'll plan out how much of your paycheck will go toward necessities like food and rent, how much you'll save, and how much you can use to treat yourself to something nice.

    person writing in a monthly budget planner

    29. A clever little PVC spiral so you don't have to walk around worrying that your ring will fall off your hand. This can make your ring up to 1.5 sizes smaller without a trip to the jeweler to get it permanently resized. 

    Hands winding the spiral onto an engagement-like ring

    Promising review: "I lost weight during my pregnancy (and after) and my wedding rings kept falling off. I didn't want to get them resized, have a little ball welded in, or wear one of those guards that slide around. I pretty much gave up on wearing them. I saw these in one of those silly BuzzFeed lists about Amazon products. I usually just read those things for a good laugh (really who needs a hedgehog-shaped planter). I immediately put this item in my cart and I couldn't be happier! It comes with four sizes. I used the smallest size for my engagement ring. It was super easy to wrap around." —DMA

    Get a set of four from Amazon for $5.99.

    30. An acne patch if you find yourself with an unwanted breakout the night before an important meeting. Just place one of your trouble spot, leave it on overnight, and it'll suck all the gunk out of it, leaving you with smaller, less red zits.

    Reviewer's square acne patch that is filled with pimple discharge
    Reviewer's cheeks with dark red acne scars and breakouts
    Same reviewer's cheeks, which are now a more even skin tone and free of almost all breakouts

    Promising review: "These are the best. Pop on one of these and your zit heals in half the time. The package has several different sizes so you can use really small ones for average pimples or on small places like the tip of your nose. It also comes with big ones for those zits that look like a light in the middle of your forehead. They’re practically invisible so you can wear them during the day." —Terry L. Burgess

    Get 40 round patches from Amazon for $8.49 (also available in XL square patches).

    Read our full in-depth review of Avarelle's acne patches that gets into the nitty-gritty — why they work, how to use them, and why 30,000+ people can't stop raving about them.

    31. A pair of sneakers specifically designed for pregnant and postpartum people — if you've gotten to the point of your pregnancy where none of your other shoes fit you or you can't bend down enough to tie your shoes due to your expanding belly, these flexible, easy-to-slip-on shoes are exactly what you're looking for.

    rose pink sneakers with a pull tie lace up

    32. A wood polish and conditioner in case your toddler decides to run their toys all over your favorite piece of furniture, and it leaves behind all these scratches and nicks. Never fear — this will take those marks and scratches right out.

    33. A set of packing cubes that makes the dreaded act of packing for a trip so much easier. You'll be so amazed at how much you can put in your suitcase when you use these!

    34. A Rubbermaid produce saver if you're sick and tired of reaching for your produce, discovering it's gone bad, and having to run to the store. Reviewers say this food container will prolong the life of your fresh produce for WEEKS longer than normal!

    A wilting strawberry stored in the original container and a much fresher-looking strawberry stored in the produce saver

    35. A jar opener if it always takes the effort of your whole family just to open up a dang jar of salsa! It attach