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    36 Pet Products That Don't Cost A Lot, But Will Be Used All The Time

    Your pet would most definitely tell you how much they love these budget-friendly products...if they could actually talk.

    1. A large plush toy shaped like a duck about to become your dog's favorite thing in the world (besides you, of course). They'll fall in love with the squeaker, how huggable it is, and how it stays together even through endless hours of rough play with sharp chompers.

    2. A slow feeder dog bowl designed to prevent your dog from scarfing down their food in one minute flat and ending up with an upset tummy. This bowl will also help reduce bloating and vomiting that lots of fast-eating pups can often struggle with.

    3. A cozy window hammock that your cat will think is so luxurious, they'll feel like they're sunbathing at a 5-star hotel on the French Riviera.

    Cat in hammock that is suction cupped to the window

    4. An adjustable no-pull pet harness for the puppy who constantly tugs on their leash during your daily walks. This will keep them comfortable and keep you from stressing out every time you take them out.

    dog wearing black harness with leash

    5. A pet hair roller that will amaze you with how easily it lifts hair off of your clothes, furniture, and blankets. Pet owners absolutely swear by this — it has over 57,000 5-star ratings!

    6. Or this pet-grooming glove with 255 silicone grooming tips that essentially massage your dog as you run the glove over their body to pick up loose hair. Your pup will seriously love how good it feels, making grooming time so much more enjoyable for them and you.

    a pair of blue deshedding gloves with a layer of fur being peeled off of it

    7. A pack of leakproof poop bags in case you've been burned one too many times when using a flimsy plastic bag to pick up your dog's poop. You'll love how reliable and sturdy these are — they make a very unglamorous daily chore a little less miserable.

    8. A cat toy tower with spinning balls that will keep your cat occupied all day. Even the most disinterested of cats will find joy thanks to this!

    9. A pack of chicken-flavored Pill Pocket dog treats that actually mask the smell of any pill you put inside so you can administer medicine to your dog in the most painless way. Don't you love how easy it is to trick your pup?!

    10. A bird teaser toy with real feathers if your cat is spending way too much time napping and hiding and you want to make sure they get some daily playtime in. With crinkly materials, ribbons, and built-in pockets of catnip, your feline is sure to love their new toy.

    brown and black cat playing with purple, blue and yellow cat toy

    11. A pack of all-natural cheese dog treats that your dog will love so much, you might as well buy a few packs now to satiate their cravings.

    12. An elevated dog bed to keep your dog cool when relaxing outside or to provide a place for your dog to escape to when the Roomba kicks on. Many dog beds can cost a pretty penny, but this affordable option will leave your wallet and your dog happy (especially during naptime).

    13. A self-groomer cat toy that you can mount on a corner or just keep on the ground for your cat to scratch up on. It collects loose hair and has a compartment for catnip to entice your cat to use the groomer.

    cat rubbing itself on the gray curved brush that's mounted to the corner of a wall

    14. A "Did you feed the dog?" sign to finally give yourself an answer to the age-old question you ask yourself twice a day. Now you never have to worry about whether you're over- (or under-!) feeding her.

    The sign, which has little levers you push to green in the a.m. and p.m. when you feed the dog

    15. An adorable water fountain with a flower on top so your cat can sip on freshly filtered water in the cutest way possible. If you can't find your cat during the day, odds are they're taking a sip from the enticing flowing water.

    cat sipping from a blue water fountain with a flower on top

    16. A bird bath so your small to medium birdie can splash around all the livelong day. It can lock onto the sides of their cage but is also easily removable for cleanup days.

    17. A stain-and-odor eliminator formulated with enzymes that break down even the toughest, most set-in stains. It's especially helpful to have on hand if you're house-training a new puppy and accidents happen quite frequently.

    18. A collapsible dog bowl to take on the go so your four-legged companion always has a place to drink fresh water and eat their food. It's especially great for active pups who love going on long walks or hikes — now they can stay hydrated so they can keep going the distance!

    dog sipping out of a pink collapsible water dog bowl

    19. A pack of matatabi chew sticks if your cat is constantly scratching up your furniture and you're looking for an outlet for all their energy. Matatabi is a plant native to Japan and is actually an alternative to catnip, so if your cat is stubborn and shows no interest in catnip, this might finally be the way to distract them from clawing away at every surface of your house.

    cat chewing on the stick

    20. A classic Kong toy with a hollow center you can stuff with peanut butter or their favorite treat. Give this to them and sit back and relax while they spend hours getting every last morsel of food out of it.

    21. A flying squirrel toy that your dog will love chasing as it floats through the air. It also glows in the dark and can float, so this might just become your dog's go-to toy for any sort of outing — whether it's day or night, on dry land, or out in the water.

    22. A paw cleaner for dogs who don't like to sit still long enough for you to clean their muddy paws with a towel. With this, add water, dunk their paw in, and the gentle silicone bristles remove caked-on dirt and mud in seconds. It's so easy to use, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

    23. A durable chew toy Fido will love chomping away on. Little do they know that the ridges and nubs on the toy remove plaque and tartar and keep their teeth healthy!

    24. A pet-grooming brush that helps prevent shedding by gently removing dead hair and leaving behind a healthy, shiny coat.

    reviewer's german shepherd/husky mix sitting next to the brush and a huge pile of its fur

    25. A lick mat that will completely transform bathtime for the better. Smear some peanut butter on it, use the suction cups on the back to attach it to your shower wall, and they'll be totally content and distracted as you bathe them.

    golden retriever licking peanut butter off a lick pad while a human gives them a bath

    26. A set of elevated cat bowls that'll seriously impress you with how sleek and modern they look, especially for the reasonable price tag. Because the bowls are a bit raised and angled, they'll help reduce neck strain for your cat as well as help aid digestion now that their neck is at a better position.

    The two bowls sitting in their holder

    27. A paw-and-nose lotion bar designed to moisturize and soften the rough parts of your dog's body. Yes, dogs need lotion, too!

    tub of pet moisturizing lotion bar for paws and nose from pardo naturals

    28. A durable toy with an easy-to-grip design so your pup doesn't get frustrated trying to pick it up to get their chew on. Infused with flavors like bacon, chicken, or peanut butter, this toy might just become your pup's new favorite.

    dog holding a toy with two paws and chomping at it

    29. A packet of plant-based compostable dog wipes to always keep on hand so you don't have to give your dog a full bath every time they get a little bit dirty. They're great for cleaning up muddy paws, crusty faces, or dirty bums.

    reviewer holding up a packet of earth rated dog wipes

    30. A tube of wrinkle balm (yes, wrinkle balm!) you'll apply in your dog's skin folds to prevent infection and annoying irritation. Shar-Pei everywhere are rejoicing.

    before and after picture of a dog who has used wrinkle balm

    31. A treat-dispensing toy especially great for pups who get bored with regular toys easily. The unique design causes the toy to bounce around and roll as your dog moves it around, and they'll love how satisfying it is when a piece of kibble pops out!

    32. An instant shampoo for small animals like guinea pigs and rabbits who can get a little stinky from time to time. Just give them a little spray and they'll go back to being so fresh and so clean.

    33. A rechargeable LED pet collar made to keep your dog safe and visible during nighttime walks. You'll be so happy you have this when the sun starts setting at 5 p.m. in the winter.

    34. A challenging activity mat if you feel like your dog needs some more mental stimulation throughout the day to work out all their energy. Just hide treats within the felt design, and they'll instantly get so determined to find them!

    The circular mat with felt fish and anemone

    35. A ball launcher to take your game of fetch to the next level. And thanks to the handle, you'll never have to pick up a slobbery ball again!

    36. An adorable hide-and-seek squirrel toy that will keep your dog entertained for hours as they "hunt" for the squeaky squirrels hidden inside.