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    A Netflix Movie Called "The Silence" Has An Ending That Many Fans Disliked, So I Watched And This Is What Happens

    Deadly creatures and a mysterious cult? Sounds intriguing!

    Hi, I'm Christopher, and I keep hearing about the ending of this Netflix movie, The Silence.

    Here's how Netflix describes the movie:

    As the description says, it's about a family's journey when the world is under attack.

    Not sure why, but I LOVE apocalyptic scenarios in films. This "breaking news, we're all in danger" shot automatically reeled me in.

    Basically the news informs the world that some noise-tracking creatures are killing everyone who talks loud, and suggests everyone shut up.

    People are taking the whole silence thing pretty seriously. Here's a woman and her baby being kicked off a train because the child was crying. COLD. BLOODED.

    In the midst of a global disaster, when service lines would likely be busy and/or down, Ally somehow has enough bars to FaceTime the guy she's kind of, sort of, unofficially dating.

    They say showing the monsters/creatures in films takes away from the scariness, but this movie isn't shy about showcasing the antagonists known as "vesps."

    The characters are on the road seeking safety when they encounter danger, and SOMETHING VERY CRAPPY HAPPENS:

    Then, for no logical reason, they elect to ditch their car and quietly camp outside instead.

    We were promised a "mysterious cult," and we're finally introduced to one, but there are only 26 minutes left in the movie at this point.

    So, they repeatedly reject the cult leader's invitations and he shows up in the middle of the night, throwing noisily ringing phones through their windows to draw in vesps.

    Remember all the tweets I showed you at the beginning of this that said the ending was abrupt/not good? Yeah, they have a point.

    Then we're shown a quick montage of the family walking through the wilderness and suddenly they've found refuge and everything's fine, I guess?

    Then we see Ally and Rob in the forest hunting vesps with arrows. THE END.



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