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    “The Kissing Booth” On Netflix Has Very Mixed Reviews, So I Watched And Here’s How It Went

    Some say it's so bad you'll cringe, others say it's so beautiful you'll cry.

    If you haven't heard, there's a movie on Netflix called The Kissing Booth that's sparked some buzz amongst viewers since its release in May.

    There are a lot of strong opinions on The Kissing Booth — some good, some bad, some a mixture of both.

    So, I decided to spend 1 hour and 45 minutes of my life soaking in The Kissing Booth, because honestly, any movie with "forbidden romance" in the description is worthy of a watch, right?

    The opening minutes give a recap of Elle's life with her best friend, Lee, from being babies to teenagers.

    One of the moments we're shown from Elle's life is when a dude sneezed in her face and it's very disgusting, but I had to see it, so now you have to too.

    It's Elle's first day of school and she has some trash luck.

    They JUST pulled up and Elle is talking to Lee about brainstorming student council fundraiser ideas. Sheesh, it's the first day of school, can't y'all just collect syllabi and chill?

    Ah, yes, it's a movie about high schoolers, so of course there are teenage characters being portrayed by adults.

    Tuppen was a douche and his inappropriate actions towards Elle earned him a whoopin' from Lee's older brother, Noah.

    Believe it or not, only one of these actors is not portraying a teenager.

    Wow, Noah's so edgy.

    Suddenly this movie has turned into Mean Girls fanfic.

    Tuppen, the alleged teenager, wore a short skirt as a way to make nice with Elle and now she's going on a date with him.

    Oh look, it's another "teen."

    So far, The Kissing Booth really feels like one of those Disney Channel Original Movies from the early 2000s and I mean that in the best way.

    View this video on YouTube

    Play the Disney Channel Original Movie theme song directly before pressing play on The Kissing Booth and tell me it doesn't fit PERFECTLY.

    I'm a big fan of Elle and Lee's relationship. He dropped her off for her date and gave her a little confidence-boosting pep talk — that's friendship.

    PLOT TWIST: Noah told Tuppen (and a bunch of other dudes) they're not allowed to go on a date with Elle.

    Ah, yes, a high school party at a beautiful mansion! Very relatable! This is definitely a normal thing that happens a lot in real life!

    Someone definitely googled, "current teenage slang" during the making of this film.

    So, Noah continues to be overbearing with Elle, and Elle continues to not listen to what he tells her to do.

    The movie is called The Kissing Booth so I did anticipate a kissing booth appearing at some point, but it's just unrealistic to act like a high school would allow a station for students to pay money to make out with each other.

    ELLE AND NOAH KISSED AT THE BOOTH. This is a direct violation of rule number nine in her and Lee's friendship commandments.

    Here's Lee's reaction when Elle tells him she kissed Noah.

    Here's Noah attempt at saying something romantic to Elle.

    Noah and Elle are officially having a secret relationship.

    I'm pretty impressed with how intense this movie gets at some parts. I'll refrain from spoiling everything in case folks want to watch for themselves.

    Some stuff goes down and Elle has a falling out with both Lee and Noah, but it's their fault because they have some odd control issues.

    I liked that the ending of this movie was satisfying to an extent, but open-ended in the way that real life teenage romance often feels.

    If you know you're not going to watch and just want to know how the movie ends, here you go.



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