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19 Very Bad Clothing Designs That'll Make You Say, "It's A No From Me"

These just weren't very well thought out.

1. These jeans that are probably designed to look muddy, but look more like someone spilled coffee or had an accident in 'em.

2. These sweatpants masquerading as jeans.

3. This dress that has a big, brown ribbon dangling from the rear.

4. This shirt that looks like it's covered in mold.

5. This shirt about putting a "roar" in dinosaur even though it doesn't have one.

6. These "jeans" that look like the denim version of cutting the crust off a sandwich.

7. This shirt reminding you not to be happy and to worry.

8. These socks that say "I ❤ Gym," but when being worn, they read something different.

9. This shirt that doesn't quite look the way it's advertised to.

10. These The Walking Dead themed socks featuring the terrifyingly stretched face of Rick Grimes.

11. This shirt that says, "I'm not I'm just no bo dy," amongst other things.

12. The pattern on these shorts that changes colors in the crotch area.

13. These poorly designed buddy shirts there's nothing that 100 men or more could ever do to salvage.

14. This "yes please no than you" shirt.

15. This shirt with a random, frustratingly uncentered, chest pocket.

16. This Lady Gaga shirt that looks like it says, "Porn this way."

17. These underwear that look dirty by design.

18. This hat that says, "PAAIS," even though the Eiffel Tower would've fit perfectly as an A.

19. And finally, the placement of the Leaning Tower of Pisa on this yoga pants.

H/T r/CrappyDesign