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23 Crazy Good Style Deals From Amazon Prime Day

Sneakers, sandals, and juicy clutches up to 60% off.

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Amazon Prime Day, the day when Amazon posts more deals than you could ever conceivably look through in a lifetime, is here!

We waded through the mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in style. Here we go...

Note: To get these deals you have to be a prime member, so if you aren't already, sign up for a free 30-day trial.


2. Save up to 40% on kids' slippers, like these light-up bunny moccasins and these mermaid slippers.

*Googles ways to stuff adult feet into kids' slippers.*

Get the light-up bunny slippers here. Now $17, was $28.

Get the royal mermaid slippers here. Now $18, was $25.

4. Get up to 50% off sunglasses, like these Kate Spade and Julbo Vermont glasses.

Ruler of this planet or ruler from another planet.

Get the Kate Spade cat eye glasses here. Now $76, was $153.

Get the Julbo mythic glasses here. Now $180, was $260.


8. Save up to 80% on women's watches, from brands like Anne Klein and Charriol.

The final step to looking like an adult: wearing a glitzy AF watch.

Get the Anne Klein rose gold ceramic watch here. Now $40, was $150,

Get the Charriol black ceramic diamond watch here. Now $280, was $615.

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10. Get up to 90% off men's jewelry, like these gold necklace chains and this leather and steel bracelet.

One thing to upgrade your entire wardrobe.

Get the gold plated necklace chain here. Now $10, was $100.

Get this black leather and cord here. Now $12, was $20.

11. Get up to 50% off men's fashion shoes, like these Alpine swiss high tops and these tan casual boots.

There's at least one person you know who needs new shoes...

Get the Alpine Swiss High Top sneakers here. Now $35, was $50.

Get the tan boots here. Now $45, was $70.

To check out other men's fashion shoes, go here.


14. Save up to 50% on women's lingerie, from brands like Heavenly Shapewear and Vanity Fair

Bras are so freaking expensive! Buy ones that'll last you for the rest of your life.

Get the Heavenly Shapewear slimming shorts here. Now $12, was $20.

Get the Vanity Fair bra pack here. Now $40, was $72.

To check out other women's lingerie, go here.

15. Get up to 60% off on women's athletic wear, like these print leggings and reversible sports bras.

Cheap, unlike that thing that rhymes with bububemon.

Get the Marc New York nylon leggings here. Now $24, was $50.

Get the Spalding racerback brashere. Now $24, was $38.

To check out other athletic wear, go here.

16. Save 60-80% on women's swimsuits, like this Calvin Klein one-pieces and teal bikini set.

Tried and true, Amazon swimwear does not fail.

Get the Calvin Klein floral one-piece here. Now $48, was $96.

Get the teal one-piece here. Now $18, was $30.

To check out more swimsuits, go here.


19. Save up to 40% on women's skirts and dresses, like this high-waisted skirt and this flapper dress.

For that party that happens every year and that you never have anything to wear to.

Get the high waist A-line skirt here. Now $15, was $20.

Get the scalloped fringe dress here. Now $20, was $24.

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20. Get up to 70% off men's boxers and briefs.

You could always use more boxers. Plus, bamboo fiber is just so soft.

Get the David Archy bamboo fiber briefs here. Now $14, was $20.

Get the ice silk trunks here. Now $15, was $20.

To check out other men's lingerie, go here.


21. Save up to 60% on men's short-sleeve shirts, like these David Archy tees and this collar dress shirt.

Be THAT dude.

Get the David Archy white t-shirts (3-pack) here. Now $24, was $37.

Get the collar dress shirt here. Now $25, was $55.

To check out more men's clothing, go here.

22. Get 20% off Amazon Handmade goods, like these personalized necklaces and cuffs.

Perfect for wedding favors.

Get the customized name plate necklace here. Now $16, was $21.

Get the longitude and latitude cuff here. Now $18, was $23.

To check out other homemade goods, go here.

We’ll be updating this post with more deals throughout the day.


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