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    31 Things From Target That’ll Help You Redecorate Your Home Without Spending A Ton

    New year. New pillows. New lighting. New — wait — not spending a fortune?! New you.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Peel-and-stick wallpaper for a quick and easy way to completely remodel any boring ol' room.

    Pink metallic wallpaper

    2. A set of wall shelves that'll spruce up that bare wall in your room that just needs a little something. Plus it's a great way to display your favorite decorative knickknacks.

    Three black cube wall shelves on white wall

    3. A salt table lamp to add some relaxing ambient lighting to your space.

    Pink salt lamp with wooden base

    4. A funky Novogratz doormat that'll give you a colorful welcome every time you step through your front door.

    Multicolored doormat that says "hello"

    5. A velvet throw pillow for a luxurious little upgrade. It's alll in the details.

    Round velvet throw pillow

    6. A faux hanging succulent plant that adds a little (artificial) liveliness to your space without the responsibility.

    Faux plants in wooden hanging planter

    7. A chic leopard bed set because nothing brings in the new year better than a new cozy and stylish comforter to wake up in.

    The faux fur leopard bed set

    8. A tasseled hem shower curtain that basically redecorates your entire bathroom by itself. 🙌🙌🙌

    Cream colored shower curtain with tassels in front of white tub

    9. A decorative basket for your blankets or anything else that you need to tuck away. The only thing better than functional decor is cheap functional decor. ;)

    Woven decorative basket

    10. A woven runner to switch it up anywhere in your house that might need a little switchin' up. The solution to instantly transform your hallway, entryway or kitchen.

    Multicolored woven runner rug

    11. A Lavender & Eucalyptus scented candle that'll look perfect on an empty shelf or table while adding a little serenity to redecorate, not just your house but, your entire atmosphere.

    Pink ceramic candle holder

    12. A set of frames so you can display your favorite art or photos and make your home a little more you.

    Black frame set on gray wall

    13. A minimalistic wall mirror that gives the illusion of space while adding a little bit of style.

    Round wall mirror with wooden border on white wall

    14. A knitted pouf for a fun and chic seating option or foot rest.

    Navy blue knitted pouf on wooden floor

    15. A woven throw blanket that'll introduce a fresh color scheme to your bedroom or living room.

    Navy blue woven throw blanket

    16. A simple wooden end table to place your decorative pieces and anything else you need at arm's reach when you're relaxing on the couch.

    Wooden end table with picture frame, clock and vase on it

    17. A Novogratz plant stand that's perfect for filling that empty corner in your home while adding a bit of greenery.

    Three tier plant stand

    18. A set of bathroom towels because all you need to redecorate is a little color accent. Plus, they're 100% cotton so they're comfy and absorbent.

    Blue towels with single white stripe in basket

    19. A pair of tasseled curtains so your home can be a little bold this year. Just like you. ;)

    White curtains with yellow pinstripe and yellow tassels

    20. A pair of fun barstools that'll easily add a little modern touch to your possibly outdated kitchen.

    Two black barstools with walnut wooden seat

    21. A pretty siiick decorative wall sculpture perfect to add to a gallery wall or a blank space that you just gotta do something with.

    Gold metal wall sculpture on the right of gallery wall

    22. An upholstered headboard that'll make your bedroom look way more expensive than it actually is. Don't worry, we won't tell.

    Beige upholstered headboard

    23. Color-changing strip lights for a lil' action in any room. Add the lights to under kitchen cabinets, bedroom walls, living rooms shelves, moldings — anything — and sit back in amazement. Crazy what a little lighting can do.

    Box of LED color changing lights

    24. A mid-century modern love seat that only looks like it should be in some fancy and expensive showroom somewhere. But no. It's gonna be in your living room.

    Purple love seat with wooden legs

    25. An outdoor patio set because we didn't forget about your backyard or balcony. We're talking complete home redecoration here.

    Two brown wicker outdoor patio chairs with brown wicker table

    26. A fringed table runner to add a little flair to your kitchen. And maybe cover any pesky little scuffs on your table? 🙈

    White and gray striped table runner with fringe detailing

    27. A table lamp with an amazing mercury glass base that looks like it's straight out of an art museum.

    Glass lamp shade base with white lamp shade

    28. A modern ceramic vase for your mantle, coffee table, or console table. Add some dried flowers for a little boho touch.

    White textured ceramic round vase

    29. These wood and marble bookends that'll make your bookcase look verrry high-end. A gentleman and a scholar.

    Black, white and wooden bookend holding books

    30. Floral wall art that will remind you of a brisk spring day, every day.

    Floral wall art

    31. And elegant doorknobs to upgrade your dresser because buying a whole brand new one sounds kinda pricey.

    Silver hardware dresser knob

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