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    John Stamos Read Thirst Tweets About Himself And I Need A Towel

    "Do you have any dirtier ones?"

    In celebration of You now streaming on Netflix, we had one of the stars and multi-generational Thirst Icon™ John Stamos stop by BuzzFeed to read thirst tweets about himself...

    1. ...And boy oh boy, you all are VERY thirsty for some Uncle Jesse (same):

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    uncle jesse from full house was 110% my first love


    John Stamos is the hottest fucking man on earth. I'd let him scrub my face against hot asphalt if it meant I could even be in his presence.


    what the hell kind of witchcraft is john stamos doing bc that man is just like eternally beautiful


    Just had a salad so beautiful, delicious and Greek that I call it John Stamos


    You ever just watch Full House reruns and @JohnStamos comes on and is just aggressively good-looking? How rude.


    Currently in the market for a sugar daddy. Requirements: -401k -willing to hook up your bank account to my Starbucks card -must be John stamos


    John Stamos is so powerful, how is it that at any age I want him to break my back like the seal on a water bottle

    Can't get enough of John? Make sure to ~check him out~ in You, now streaming on Netflix.