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    21 Snapchat Struggles Every User Has Faced At Some Point


    1. Freaking out because someone YOU TRUSTED took a screenshot.

    2. Going for a look that says, "I'm not trying," while still looking ***flawless.

    3. Accidentally sending a Snap to the wrong person.

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    4. Or sending an embarrassing Snap to your story that was ONLY supposed to be sent to one person.

    5. Getting frustrated when everyone opens your Snaps but NO ONE replies to them.

    Christian Zamora

    6. Completely forgetting what you Snapped someone.

    7. Racing the countdown to maneuver your fingers in time to take a screenshot.

    8. Having to draw the rest of your sentence because you ran out of characters.

    Christian Zamora

    9. Getting an excessive amount of Snaps from ONE PERSON.

    Don't be that kind of person #SnapchatProblems

    10. Trying to soak in as much as you can from a one-second Snapchat.

    Christian Zamora


    11. Opening Snapchat while listening to your music.


    12. Not being able to respond to anyone because you're having a bad hair day.

    13. Trying to covertly take a Snapchat in public.

    14. Constantly moving all around your house trying to find the right angle of your face with the perfect amount of lighting.

    15. Having no best friends.

    16. Or ending up with someone who is NOT your best friend on your best friends list.

    When u snapchat someone like 5 times and they go into your best friends on snapchat...


    When u snapchat someone like 5 times and they go into your best friends on snapchat...

    2:53 PM - 31 Jul 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    17. Getting a Snap of yourself that you didn't even know someone took.

    18. When you have to sacrifice other things on your phone because you NEED to take a video for your story.

    19. Dealing with a dying phone early in the day because you've been Snapping ever since you woke up.

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    20. The frustration of seeing that some of your "friends" HAD THE NERVE to skip out on parts of your story.

    21. And not being able to delete the app no matter how stupid it might be.

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    Because Ghostface Chillah needs you.

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