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26 Times Urban Outfitters Failed So Hard It Just Failed

Hipsters beware.

1. When it tried to control girls' diets.

2. When it contradicted itself.

3. When it forgot how to short.

4. When it might have put a Chicago gang sign on a shirt.

5. When it thought these horny pandas would keep your hands warm.

6. When it glorified depression.

7. When it slut shamed women on Halloween.

8. When it offensively sold this version of Monopoly.

9. When it tried to appropriate (bad) internet culture.

10. When it got super frank.

11. When it didn't logically think it through.

12. When it used a transphobic slur.

13. #When #it #discovered #the #hashtag.

14. When it sold you something from someone's garage.

15. When it scared the shit out of everyone.

16. When it hired a tumbleweed for a model.

17. When it tried to sell you stained, ripped, "vintage" overalls for $650.

18. When it didn't think this storefront all the way through.

19. When it thought sunglasses were for the nighttime.

20. When it sold a shirt that closely resembled the Star of David.

21. When it played into stereotypes.

22. When it used the president as a color.

23. When it mixed up Nirvana albums.

24. When it thought this was necessary.

25. When it decided to style criminals.

26. And when it failed BEYOND the point of no return.