Urban Outfitter’s Might Have Accidentally Put A Chicago Gang Sign On One Of Their T-Shirts


1. This is Urban Outfitters’ new Vanguard Pitchfork Tee.

ID: 1383300

2. The symbol on it has been causing a stir lately because it looks an awful lot like this gang sign for the the Chicago-based gang that was started in the ’60s.

ID: 1383315

3. Salon was the first outlet to point out the similarities.

ID: 1383319

4. The Chicago Tribune recently wrote about the vicious of the GDs, which they referred to as Chicago’s biggest gang.

ID: 1383326

5. Last year, rapper Rick Ross had an incident with the gang when he namedropped Gangster Disciples leader leader Larry Hoover in a song of his.

ID: 1383433

6. Urban Outfitters is no stranger to controversy, most recently having to pull leggings from their store after it being revealed that the company lifted them from a small designer.

ID: 1383362

7. BuzzFeed has reached out to Urban Outfitters for comment.

ID: 1383540

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