29 Things Every '90s Kid Still Dreams Of Doing

    Seat belts, everyone!

    1. Finding your long-lost twin at the mall.

    2. Or at summer camp.

    3. Going on a field trip with The Frizz.

    4. Getting covered in slime on "Slime Time."

    5. Catching a Pokémon IRL.

    6. Be one of seven strangers picked to live in a house.

    7. Having an UNLIMITED budget for the Scholastic book fair.

    8. Finishing Rainbow Road without falling off.

    9. Making it through the Oregon Trail without killing off your entire family.

    10. Getting actual luscious blonde streaks with Sun In.

    11. Having a relationship like Corey and Topanga.

    12. Or a family like the Tanners.

    13. Learning you were a merperson at the age of 13...

    14. Or a witch at the age of 16.

    15. Going to an NSYNC concert.

    16. Having the time of your life tormenting criminals because your parents forget about your entire existence.

    17. Going to high school at West Beverly Hills High School.

    18. Accepting a surfboard at the Teen Choice Awards.

    19. Running through the playground with light-up sneakers.

    20. Waking up Saturday morning with a bowl of cold Oreo O's waiting for you...

    21. ...As you watch cartoons on One Saturday Morning.

    22. Climb a ladder to get inside your crush's room.

    23. Replacing a member in Destiny's Child.

    24. Making a Blo-Pen masterpiece that actually resembled something.

    25. Beating Snake on your Nokia phone.

    26. Being a screaming fan outside the TRL studio.

    27. Retiring after selling your Beanie Babies for a FORTUNE.

    28. Having a fabulous transformation sequence like Sailor Moon.

    29. And finally getting invited to a Mary-Kate and Ashley slumber party.