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    22 Texts That All Constantly Hungry People Have Sent

    Literal butter fingers.

    1. When you have your priorities in order:

    2. When you're trying to one-up others:

    3. When food takes over your vocabulary:

    4. When you're just being honest:

    5. When the thirst becomes too much to handle:

    6. When you know exactly what you want:

    7. When you want to weigh all of your options:

    8. When your friends are ignoring your needs:

    9. When food gets in the way of your friendships:

    10. When your hanger takes over:

    11. When your lover understands you:

    12. When you have nothing else on your mind:

    13. When things just don't go your way:

    14. When you have a one-track mind:

    15. When food understands you better than friends:

    16. When your food obsession is the ultimate cockblock:

    17. When you make realizations about your life:

    18. When you have big dreams and aspirations for yourself:

    19. When you're getting even:

    20. When you're on the fence:

    21. When you find true love:

    22. And when someone crosses THE LINE: