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    19 Really Old Rihanna Twitter Replies That Deserved To Be Framed

    "I'm not a ho, I'm just ho'ish!"

    It was Aug. 27, 2010, when Rihanna took control of her own Twitter and changed the course of history:

    So now that i finally took over my Twitter page no more corny label! whaaasssuupppp ppl!!!!!

    Here are just really old Rihanna replies from her first months of taking over her Twitter that deserve to be framed:

    1. When she tried to hashtag "#wheremyhoes@":

    @anti_hoes oh thank u, being righteous was boring! Whoring it out is so much more fun! #wheremyhoes@

    2. When she revealed the true meaning behind "S&M":

    3. When she watched Katy Perry's "E true ho'wood story":

    @katyperry just saw ur E true ho'wood story! U a bad bitch!!!

    4. When she stopped a fan from gagging themselves with a dildo:

    @bitchdiedofswag haaaa! Girl no gaggin' what's wrong witchu????

    5. When she broke down the ho identity:

    @KeithPrivate if 23 is too old, then its time for ur teen to ho it up now b4 its too late! I'm not a ho, I'm just ho'ish!

    6. When she shot down rumors:

    @tommythebest I don't have enough ass or tits to justify that rumor

    7. When she raved about TGI Fridays bartenders:

    @TGIFridays has a twitter page? This is genius! U guys have the illest bartenders! My PA used to be 1, now she's busy makin me drinks, lol

    8. When she meant to @ Chelsea Handler to meet up over some "COCKtails:"

    Chelsea Handler I want more of you! We should do this again sometime soon, over 2 giant COCKtails

    9. When she:

    10. When she called Katt Williams a lil' cunt:

    LMAO, Katt u lil cunt RT @kattwilliams: Watchin clifford the big red dog =) somehow im reminded of @Rihanna idk why tho

    11. When she spoke about the powers of Jameson:

    @twitty_ricky oh yeah, its a good time! Jameson+ginger...then you'll wake up, hopefully naked in a strangers bed!! Lol

    12. When she was real about her food tastes:

    @1213angelique either chinese food, or popeye's

    13. When she spoke the truth about True Blood:

    @RihannaBeaauty but trueblood is vampire porn, with an addictive storyline and great actors, not to mention hot!!!

    14. When she called Gaga a "bad bitch:"

    @GagaDiabolica she a bad bitch! Can't help but love her! Good shit

    15. When she was #laZy:

    @xloveririx watching 16+pregnant! #laZy

    16. When she spilled the bad news:

    @marklivingstone and I'm guessing he was a solo female artist? The bad news is ur an idiot

    17. When she destroyed a troll:

    @treektriik u wud do a much better job! u got dem D.S. Lips

    18. When she wished it were raining men:

    19. And when she replied to someone with an important parable:

    @kangpeen twitter is not for role models

    Queen of everything.

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