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    Sophie Turner Played With Puppies And Answered All Of Your Fan Questions

    Sansa sans men? YES.

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    With the excitement surrounding the release of Dark Phoenix, we had the star of the film — Sophie Turner — play with ADORABLE puppies while answering YOUR fan questions...


    ...And let's just say Sophie just out-cute'd our Puppy Interview:

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    When we asked Sophie how she thinks her Game of Thrones character Sansa Stark's life will play out as the Queen of the North now that the series is over, she was hopeful she'd go on to have a happily ever after, albeit with doubt:


    Sophie Turner: I hope she would live in harmony with all the Lords and Ladies of the North. I would hope she would have a nice life but somehow I doubt that. I would hope that she would live happily ever after...

    But given her history with shitty men, Sophie made it clear that doesn't think Sansa will ever be with another man. Instead, she'd rule the North solo with some good food and wine:


    ST: I don't think she would have another man in her life because they haven't treated her particularly well in the past. I would like to think that she just runs the North on her own and eats good food, drinks good wine, and has a good time.


    Can't get enough of Sophie? Make sure to check out Dark Phoenix, now playing in theaters.


    And to learn more about these adorable puppies, head over to the Vanderpump Dogs Foundation!

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