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24 Signs You Are A Full-Blown Shopaholic

The bags under my eyes are Prada.

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1. Every closet in your house is dedicated to your clothes.

Because you need more than one to accommodate your wardrobe.

2. Amazon packages have arrived for you that you didn't remember ordering.

Omg I forgot all about the 15 bras I ordered!

3. Homework always turns into online shopping.

Time well spent.

4. Saving up money is difficult.

Unless you know a really great sale is coming up.

5. You've memorized your debit card number.

And the code on the back.

6. You work Monday through Friday just to shop Saturday through Sunday.

There's no time resting.

7. Black Friday is your favorite holiday.

Happy holidays to me!

8. Your email is filled with weekly newsletters from department stores.

Must. Not. Click.
Lara Parker / Via BuzzFeed

Must. Not. Click.

9. You know in your heart you were born to shop but FORCED to work.

This is my purpose in life.

10. You can't ever buy just one thing.

My shoes NEEDED accessories to go with it!

11. You ask for gift receipts to cover up the fact that you're constantly buying for yourself.

Yes. I'm buying this thong for my friend.

12. You can't move anywhere if there's not a shopping center near you.

Sorry, it's not you...

13. Nothing haunts you like clothes you didn't buy.


14. You could go YEARS without wearing the same outfit twice.

Because your wardrobe has no end.

15. All the money you've ever owned is in your closet.

Hanging up.

16. You have store credit cards to almost every department store.

It's important.

17. You justify your purchases ALL the time.

"I have a pair like this and it has lasted me forever."

18. You obsessively track the progress of your packages being delivered.


19. You look in your closet and constantly forget you bought something.

And it usually still has the tag on it.

20. You don't need therapy because you have RETAIL therapy.

The best kind of therapy.

21. Your career goals are centered around being able to afford your shopaholic lifestyle.

Do your employees get discounts to malls in the area?

22. "Free shipping" incentives are a serious weakness you have.

I guess I HAVE to spend $40 now!

23. You're friends with all the salespeople at your favorite stores.

Hey Keith!

24. But at the end of the day, at least you can say you've done your part to help the economy!

Good for you.

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