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    Sam Smith Hilariously Crashed An Interview Completely Unrecognized

    Nobody can crash an interview like he can, can, can.

    Although he's received national recognition as a four-time Grammy award winner, singer Sam Smith went completely unrecognized when he decided to crash a local news station interview while visiting Colorado.

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    He first stealthily slid into the background with devious intentions written all over his face.

    He then played coy and acted like he was just taking in his surroundings.

    Once settled in the background, he took the opportunity to flash a peace sign...

    ...and then he went ALL OUT and ~werked~ for the camera.

    He recollected himself and gave one of the innocent interviewees some bunny ears...

    ...which drove the other girl, who clearly still had no idea who he was, to tell him to "get out of here."

    Stay fabulous, Sam.