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    Rihanna Has Been Giving Fans Free Meet And Greets After Her "Anti" Shows

    When will your awkward fave?

    It's no secret that Rihanna is already the reigning QUEEN of meet and greets with her fans.


    Especially when you compare RiRi's fan meet and greets to ~other~ pop stars...


    Well, to solidify this royal status even more, RiRi has been doing low-key FREE meet and greets by her tour bus after the past few shows on her "Anti World Tour."

    And even though the Rihanna Navy didn't cough up money to meet the ~working~ beauty, the meet and greet photos are just as iconic as ever:

    In comparison, the only way to get a Justin Bieber meet and greet on his "Purpose World Tour" is by coughing up $2,000 for a VIP package that originally included a mispelled tour shirt.

    Rihanna on her thoughts of a $2,000 meet and greet: