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19 Problems Only People Who Are Obsessed With Christmas Understand


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1. The day after Christmas is the most TRAGIC day ever because you know you have 364 days left until you feel happiness again.

2. And you annoy EVERYONE around you with constant reminders of how many days there are left until Christmas.

Even if it's January.

3. Your energy bill is always INSANE in the month of December because you have to have the brightest house on the block.

Keeping up with the Claus'.

4. Your winter wardrobe only consists of red and green.

5. And people always think you're dressed to go to an Ugly Sweater Party.

But you're literally just in your festive attire.

6. It takes you TEN TIMES LONGER to pick out a Christmas tree than the average person because it HAS to be perfect.

7. And you're unable to control your emotions every time you see your Christmas tree lit up for the first time.

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8. No one can handle riding in your car for long periods of time because Christmas music is on LOOP.

9. You have to save up the ENTIRE year in order to buy everything you need to appropriately celebrate Christmas.

10. You need a whole closet dedicated to an assorted collection of wrapping paper and wrapping paper ONLY.

11. Part of you still believes in Santa and your parents are just his helpers.

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12. Your pets grow to resent you during the holidays because you dress them up in something new EVERY DAY.

13. You can't sleep on Christmas Eve because you're just SO DAMN EXCITED.


14. Haters are constantly telling you to brush your teeth because your breath always smells like egg nog.

15. Your Christmas feels absolutely incomplete until you've see A Christmas Story at least once.


It's seriously stressful if it's Christmas Eve and you still haven't seen it.

16. There's nothing more heartbreaking that can happen to you during the holiday season than an ornament breaking.

17. You can't be seen leaving your house without appearing as festive as you possibly can.

That includes your nails and toenails.

18. You never fail to develop at least one cavity from all the holiday sweets you consume.

19. It's nearly impossible to find someone to date who meets your Christmas standards.

The CW

But at the end of the day, all of the problems are worth it because Christmas is seriously the best.

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