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    17 Pickup Lines That Would Work On Any Twentysomething

    "My K-Cups are fully stocked."

    1. "I'd like to share a cold pizza with you tomorrow morning."

    2. "Let's watch Girls on my HBO Go account."

    3. "I know how to put Ikea furniture together."

    4. "This happy hour round is on me."

    5. "If you were on Tinder, I'd swipe right."

    6. "Wanna have a night in with two-buck Chuck?"

    7. "If you stay the night, you can use my Keurig in the morning."

    8. "My mattress has a bed frame."

    9. "I paid off my student loans."

    10. "We don't have to share a fare, I'll pay for the Uber."

    11. "This coffee table isn't from Ikea."

    12. "I want to subscribe to your tweets."


    13. "You have the kind of face that wouldn't need a filter."

    14. "You'd be my #MCM every week."

    15. "I wouldn't ever leave you a voicemail."

    16. "I'd turn on my read receipts for you."

    17. "I wish you were a Snap so I could screenshot you."