The 23 Most Type-A Things That Have Ever Happened

Don’t worry, this list is in the right order.

1. This tattoo that probably isn’t big enough:

2. This handy tray that uses the steering wheel to its full potential:

3. This face of a second-place winner:

NBC / Via

4. This pie chart explaining the truth about group projects:

Christian Zamora

5. This list of fears:

6. This criminal who broke into houses just to clean them:

7. This edited ranking system inside a dressing room:

8. These labeled and color-coded packing tapes:

9. This ambitious summer workout schedule:

Who said I'm #TypeA ? No, I just like to have a perfectly laid out plan. :-) #runchat

— Eric Sark (@EricLSark)

10. This Type-Fil-A condiment station:

12. These alarms not set early enough:

Christian Zamora

13. This detailed weekly cleaning schedule:

14. This Walmart shopper exercising his organizational talents:


15. This all-nighter accompanied with caffeine, a highlighter, and colored pens:

16. This highly efficient way to cook all the Tater Tots:

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: baltamourcarla

17. This shoe organizer that found a new purpose in life:

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: hey__paul

18. This color-coded organization of iPhone apps:

Just rearranged the apps on my iPhone and gave the folders matching colour emoji names

— OCD Porn (@OCDPorn)

19. This precise fix with the Google logo that needed to happen:

20. This second grader who NEEDS a routine:

2nd grade nearly in the books. Luckily Kylan finally got a routine down. #TypeA

— Marsha Frese (@CoachFrese)

21. This machine whose only job is to sort M&Ms by their color:

22. This meeting request sent for a date night:

Anyone else think it's awesome sigs sends me meeting requests for date nights? #typeA #keeper

— Kayla Jo Forsman (@kjforsma)

23. And every second spent in The Container Store:

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: davedugdale

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