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Kesha Was Randomly At Taylor's 4th Of July Party

OK, now I'm jealous.

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I know you already know this, so bare with me, BUT Taylor Swift hosted a giant Instagram-filled 4th of July party at her Rhode Island home with all of her famous friends. There was a slide. It looked fun.

But what we didn't previously know about the party is.............KESHA WAS THERE TOO! RED-HEADED ABIGIAL INSTAGRAMMED THE PROOF:

Look at Kesha, being all Kesha-y next to a couple of Haim sisters!

Even though Taylor sent Kesha $250,000 back in February to help her financially as she continues to fight a legal battle against her allegedly abusive producer Dr. Luke, seeing these two hang out is a little surprising, no?

I guess talent hangs out with talent! <3

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