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Kelly Ripa Just Threw Some Savage Shade Toward Michael On "Live"

Ripa went for it.

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And even though Kelly returned to her hosting spot alongside Strahan after a brief hiatus, it still feels like there's tension between the co-hosts...ESPECIALLY after watching this clip where Kelly unexpectedly brings up Strahan's past divorce:

Kelly is throwing shade at Michael every chance she gets 😂


Kelly then brings the shade into context by discussing an article that addresses the idea of "bird nesting" in divorced families:

The article is nonspecific, but they're saying it's either the greatest plan ever or the dumbest plan ever. It's called "bird nesting," where instead of, you know, how you separate and then, you know, the children have to go between the parents. This is keeping the kids in the house and the parents rotating in and out of the house. To me, it sounds like a disaster.