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Your Children Will Be Taught That Nyle From "America's Next Top Model" Is The Hottest Man Ever

And for good reason.

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Hi, world. In case you haven't stuck around for the 22nd season of America's Next Top Model, behold your new obsession and object of fantasy:


Look familiar? Well, that's probably because Nyle DiMarco is straight out of your wet dreams.

You see, Nyle has these blue eyes that'll leave you blue in the head...

...and a smile that'll evaporate your underwear right off.




He's got brows that stretch from the sun to your genitals...

...and a perfectly hairy chest that would make your down comforter completely irrelevant during the winter.

Actually any season, really.

And I mean, he's pretty well built, too...


Like, if you're into that, or whatever.


BUT BE WARNED, use extreme caution when you inevitably travel and explore the wonders and beauty of his Instagram account...

*Trapped forever thirsty on his Instagram page*

And believe it or not, his beauty goes far beyond his unequivocally sexy/handsome/cute/drooling good looks.


He's quite the inspiration and role model to anyone chasing a dream...

...because he hasn't given up chasing his despite the challenges life has presented him with.


TL;DR: Nyle from America's Next Top Model is the hottest man in the history of all the hot men to have ever lived on this planet.

Yes, I will join you in the pool, babe.


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