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This Series Shows The False Expectations Social Media Gives Us

"Millions of followers, adoring fans...he must be happy."

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To make a real-life connection, you have three viable options: First, you could approach the person of interest calmly and say something like, "Hey, I recognize you from Instagram and think you're really cute."


Secondly, you could delete your social media accounts immediately so there's no trace. You walk over and hang out and eventually someone will take a photo of you two and you'll be asked to tag yourself, to which you'll respond, "I can't, I'm in the witness protection program." This will make you super cool and you two will obviously relocate to a secluded area.

Sure, you'll never be able to see your family again, but perhaps you two will be able to start a new life together?

Lastly, there's the long con. Using all the Instagram data and #TBTs, you will become immersed in all of their favorite things and mold yourself into their dream partner. Five years from today, you'll be married.

Unfortunately, someone close to you might drunkenly spill the entire con, thus ruining your relationship forever.

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