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    This Series Shows The False Expectations Social Media Gives Us

    "Millions of followers, adoring fans...he must be happy."

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    This is because people always seem super ~Pharrell~ on their Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat...when in fact they might be going through some shit and just not publicizing it.

    It's also so easy to feel inadequate when people younger than you appear to be succeeding, especially now that everything is so quantifiable.

    But don't fall for this damn trap! Stay focused on yourself. Don't believe everything you see on TV (aka the internet).

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    Because seeing the person of your virtual dreams out in the world is pretty dang intimidating.

    To make a real-life connection, you have three viable options: First, you could approach the person of interest calmly and say something like, "Hey, I recognize you from Instagram and think you're really cute."

    But your nerves will probably prevent you from doing something so direct out of fear that they'll think you're a stalker, even though this is definitely the best option.

    Secondly, you could delete your social media accounts immediately so there's no trace. You walk over and hang out and eventually someone will take a photo of you two and you'll be asked to tag yourself, to which you'll respond, "I can't, I'm in the witness protection program." This will make you super cool and you two will obviously relocate to a secluded area.

    Lastly, there's the long con. Using all the Instagram data and #TBTs, you will become immersed in all of their favorite things and mold yourself into their dream partner. Five years from today, you'll be married.

    (But with all that being said, you should definitely just do the first thing.)

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    And social media does NOT equal real life.