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The Top 10 Stories Of July, 2011

From Courtney Stodden to the tragic Norway massacre, we're recapping the top stories of July 2011. Stories ranked in ascending order of viral views and are not a reflection of sociological impact.

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11. Actor Doug Stodden Marries 16-Year-Old

Doug Hutchison, 51, legally wed 16-year-old Courtney Stodden earlier this month.

It's cool guys. Doug has reassured us all that it's not pedophilia if she doesn't look 16 and her mom says it's okay. It also helps if you were in a film nominated for four academy awards.

10. The 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup

The USA Women's soccer team got massive attention after Abby Wambach's last minute goal tied the game with Brazil.

Ultimately Japan won the cup, and there was no shortage of American Facebook users who felt that this was a travesty because of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor 70 years ago.

I wish I was kidding.


8. New York's First Gay Weddings

After successfully passing marriage equality in New York last month, same sex couples (many of whom have been in lovingly committed relationships for years, if not decades) finally made it official.

7. The Conclusion Of The Harry Potter Film Saga

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 quickly became the highest grossing film of the summer, pulling in over $1,008,460,000 in the box office.

Fans of the series were stunned by the metamorphasis of Neville Longbottom from squishy-faced little toad into a dashingly handsome young man with a good dentist.


6. The Debt Ceiling

Republicans in Congress seemed eager to default, delaying a plan to pay back the national debt, most of which is owed to the pensions of US Citizens.

The Atlantic put together this comparison of the total costs of policy changes under the last two administrations that clearly illustrates which interests have been the most expensive.

A decision was finally reached Sunday afternoon.


5. Monkey Takes Great Self-portrait

A black macaque in North Sulawesi, Indonesia stole the camera from photographer David Slater this month, and the photo went viral round the web.

When asked, Slater revealed that the monkeys had snapped hundreds of shots, mostly out of focus. But at least two or three look really nice.

4. Ok, so you know the Monster Mash.

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3. H

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1. Amy Winehouse Dead At 27

Five-time Grammy award winner Amy Winehouse passed away in her bed on July 23rd.

Immediately, speculation of a drug overdose was widespread due to Winehouse's public struggles with sobriety. The latest reports claim that it may have been sobriety that killed her.