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31 Marvel Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Be A Superhero

With great tattoos come great responsibility.

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1. Captain America in watercolor.

2. Star-Lord and his Awesome Mix Vol. 1.

3. This Deadpool splatter concept.

4. Gambit bursting with energy.

5. This toon version of Black Widow.

Original artwork by Elsa Chang

6. An angry Thanos and the infinity gauntlet.

7. This Captain America shielding himself from Hydra.

8. Agent Carter's iconic hat and quotes.

9. This modern take on the Spider-Man mask.

10. A stern Thor and his trusty Mjölnir.

11. This cross-dimensional window into Asgard.

12. A to-scale depiction of Ant-Man in relation to The Hulk.

13. This X-traordinary couple.

14. This cheeky old school Spider-Man tattoo.

15. A noir-like Iron Man hand.

16. This Dark Phoenix rising from the ashes.

17. Baby Groot jamming out.

18. This subtle nod to the Avengers.

19. An American traditional take on Captain America.

20. This Spider-Man fighting with a symbiote.

21. The Winter Soldier wrapped in the arms of Hydra.

22. This punk rock Deadpool.

23. And a punk AF Spiderman.

24. This portrait of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury.

25. And this Hydra/Shield hybrid.

26. This badass War Machine.

27. A confident Storm summoning her weather powers.

29. These Minions pretending to be Avengers.

30. This poetic tribute to Doctor Doom.

31. And this comic strip that reminds you why you fell in love with Marvel in the first place.

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