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"Warrior Nun" Fans Are Fighting Netflix For A Season 3, So Here's A Quiz To Support Them

Yes, it's called Warrior Nun, but stay with me...it's so good, and I am OBSESSED. *Post will contain mild spoilers*

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Netflix dropped Warrior Nun's new season with better fight scenes, new characters, and a queer ship we can root for. It's only been three weeks, but fans are already fighting for it to escape the dreaded Netflix cancellation fate that has befallen similar shows.

Two characters, Ava and Beatrice, embracing

Even the showrunner himself knows it's a goofy title.

I get this a lot. #WarriorNun https://t.co/KfysRW4C8S

Twitter: @SimonDavisBarry

But I am actually quite obsessed with it. And I'm not the only one.

i just finished season 1 of warrior nun and i’m obsessed

Twitter: @valefletch

I finished Warrior Nun. It was so addicting and enthralling. Every time I thought they were gonna mess it up, they surprised me with win after win. Fun, exciting and bad ass, lots of tender scenes I wasn’t expecting to cry. Very complex characters. All of them good. Wow! So good

Twitter: @Jupiter_Sky

warrior nun is a perfect example of not giving up on a show after a few episodes, because oh my god, once it hits its stride, it HITS 👏ITS 👏STRIDE — it also helps that the chemistry between alba baptista and kristina tonteri-young is 🔥

Netflix / Via Twitter: @noradominick

It has beautiful scenery (it's filmed in Spain!), Catholic ~aesthetics~ without the guilt, and one of the best fight sequences I have seen on television.

please this whole scene got me standing up like beatrice’s entrance?? the one-shot fight sequence?? their ending stance?? fucking baller

Netflix / Via Twitter: @Iovebea

Plus, the romantic relationship between Ava and Beatrice, or "Avatrice," feeds us all our favorite fanfiction tropes — best friends to lovers, they were roommates, THERE'S ONLY ONE BED!

when their love language is also physical touch >>>>>

Netflix / Via Twitter: @netflix


Beatrice dancing while Ava gazes on her with yearning

It's a godsend to fans who have seen several Netflix shows with WLW (women loving women) stories getting canceled, including First Kill, Teenage Bounty Hunters, and I Am Not Okay With This.

do you understand how rare it is to have a wlw couple with a good storyline? avatrice is that. they have the slowburn, the jealousy phase, the best friend to lovers trope…for god sake watch warrior nun so we can have s3

Netflix / Via Twitter: @zwanheda

The show hasn't received much promotion because it dropped amid a full slate of Netflix's biggest titles: The Crown, Manifest, Wednesday. However, it has exceeded expectations by staying in the Global Top 10 in its first three weeks and has broken a Netflix record by getting a 99% audience score with over 6,500 user ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

Alba Baptista as Ava Silva in Warrior Nun Season 2.

Passionate fans are hoping Netflix renews it for Season 3.

Netflix / Via Twitter: @lezbisch

we were so aggressive about promoting warrior nun that people started thinking we were bots 💀 #WarriorNun #RenewWarriorNun

Twitter: @BritterDD

Even Jersey Shore royalty Snooki is in on it.

It’s not newed yet?! @netflix WARRIOR NUNS SEASON 3 https://t.co/PSdR9DWUgv

Twitter: @snooki

And in solidarity with other passionate fans who are currently obsessed with this fantastic and campy-in-the-right-places show, I've made a quiz to find out which Warrior Nun character you really are.

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