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23 Film Locations You Must See Before You Die

On location.

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6. The King's Speech – Ely Cathedral, England

The majestic interiors of Ely Cathedral were a backdrop to the unfolding drama of the King's Speech, acting as the interiors of Westminster Abbey. The landmark has also appeared in The Other Boleyn Girl and Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

14. Jurasssic Park – Hawaii, USA

Kauai is a hot spot for tropical filming locations and has played the part of the natural habitat for Jurassic Park dinosaurs and the Na'vi of Avatar, as well as appearing on screen in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Arc, Hook, and more.

21. Rebel Without A Cause – Griffith Observatory, California, USA

The iconic James Dean film featured LA's Griffith Observatory for a class field trip, and marked the first use of a planetarium on film. The venue has since erected a monument to the film on its grounds.

23. The Hobbit – Matamata, New Zealand

The set of Hobbiton seen in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings of the New Zealand landscape and offers visitor tours. Nearby, the Green Dragon, where the hobbits met Aragorn in The Fellowship of the Ring, also remains in tact.

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