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    23 Film Locations You Must See Before You Die

    On location.

    1. Shawshank Redemption, Ohio State Reformatory, USA

    Warner Bros

    2. Star Wars – Matmata, Tunisia

    Lucas Films
    Flickr: azwegers / Creative Commons

    Scenes in Tatooine, Luke Skywalker's home planet, were filmed in Matmata, in the Sahara Desert of Tunisia. A nearby region in Tunisia, Tatouine, inspired the planet's name.

    3. The Princess Bride – The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland


    The Cliffs of Insanity are actually Ireland's Cliffs of Moher. Inconceivable!

    4. Harry Potter – Glencoe Village, Scotland

    Warner Bros

    If you fancy a village to Hagrid's Hut, explore Glencoe Village, Scotland, where exterior shots for the hut were filmed during Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

    5. The Dark Knight Rises – Mehrangarh Fort, India

    Warner Bros

    The Indian fortress appeared as the exterior of the legendary Pit prison in the epic Batman film, and is a museum in its off-hours.

    6. The King's Speech – Ely Cathedral, England


    The majestic interiors of Ely Cathedral were a backdrop to the unfolding drama of the King's Speech, acting as the interiors of Westminster Abbey. The landmark has also appeared in The Other Boleyn Girl and Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

    7. The Hunger Games – Atlanta, Georgia, USA

    Flickr: jamiedfw / Creative Commons

    See a piece of Panem's Capitol in Georgia. The city's historic Swan House was featured as President Snow's manor in Catching Fire.

    8. The Godfather – Savoca, Italy


    The charming Sicilian village becomes Vito's birthplace, Corleone, on screen. Scenes in the Bar Vitelli as well as Michael's wedding were also shot here.

    9. The Lord of The Rings – Tongariro National Park, New Zealand

    New Line Cinema

    The fires of Mordor were born out of raw footage shot at Tongariro National Park in New Zealand.

    10. Indiana Jones – Petra, Jordan


    Petra served as a filming location for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The Canyon of The Chrystal Moon was on the 250-foot high canyon, the "Siq".

    11. Frozen – Nærøyfjord, Norway

    Flickr: 57066945@N08 / Creative Commons

    The Norwegian landscape, particularly the regions surrounding Nærøyfjord inspired the animation of Disney's Frozen.

    12. Argo – Istanbul, Turkey

    Warner Bros

    Istanbul doubled as Tehran, Iran for much of the filming of Argo. Scenes were shot at iconic locations throughout the city, including the Grand Bazaar, the Hagia Sofia, and the Blue Mosque.

    13. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Tabernas Desert, Spain

    United Artists

    A ghost town film set still remains in the Tabernas Desert, where spaghetti westerns including the famous Clint Eastwood flick were filmed.

    14. Jurasssic Park – Hawaii, USA


    Kauai is a hot spot for tropical filming locations and has played the part of the natural habitat for Jurassic Park dinosaurs and the Na'vi of Avatar, as well as appearing on screen in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Arc, Hook, and more.

    15. The Sound of Music – Salzburg, Austria

    20th Century Fox

    The hills of Salzburg really were alive with The Sound of Music during on location shoots in the city.

    16. The Avengers – Cleveland, Ohio, USA

    Cleveland doubled as a destroyed New York City in the aftermath of The Avenger's epic superhero battle.

    17. Les Misérables – Gourdon, France


    Though the majority of the French Revolution musical was actually shot in Britain, the stunning monastery in Provence is the site of Jean Valjean's moment of cosmic enlightenment.

    18. Lawrence of Arabia – Wadi Rum, Jordan

    Jourdan's Wadi Rum desert served as the backdrop for this cinematic classic, and is now a World Heritage Site.

    19. Planet of the Apes – Malibu, California, USA

    20th Century Fox

    Malibu Creek State Park has offered many filming teams access to California's beaches and forests, and in the 1968 Planet of the Apes, the region truly became a whole new world.

    20. X-Men – Gooderham & Worts Distillery, Toronto, Canada

    20th Century Fox
    Flickr: 15609463@N03 / Creative Commons

    The Canadian distillery played the part of a concentration camp in the early scenes of the first X-Men film.

    21. Rebel Without A Cause – Griffith Observatory, California, USA

    Warner Bros

    The iconic James Dean film featured LA's Griffith Observatory for a class field trip, and marked the first use of a planetarium on film. The venue has since erected a monument to the film on its grounds.

    22. Saving Private Ryan – Curracloe Beach, Ireland

    Flickr: 73man / Creative Commons

    The memorable and horrific opening scenes of D-Day in the acclaimed film were shot on Curracloe Beach in Ireland.

    23. The Hobbit – Matamata, New Zealand


    The set of Hobbiton seen in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings of the New Zealand landscape and offers visitor tours. Nearby, the Green Dragon, where the hobbits met Aragorn in The Fellowship of the Ring, also remains in tact.

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