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The Best Guilty Pleasure Food In 25 Different Countries

Live every day like it's fry-day.

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1. Coxinha, Brazil

This delicious Brazilian street food has everything a late night indulgence needs: warm, savory filling, flaky buttery pastry, all rolled in breadcrumbs and fried to perfection. Dip it in fresh salsa for a final touch.

2. Nutella Snack and Drink, Italy

If you thought the typical Nutella Snack & Go was everything you needed in life, you were wrong. Italian supermarkets offer a level up: the Nutella Snack & Drink, which features the regular breadstick and Nutella helping, plus a built in iced tea.

3. Pizza-La, Japan

This Japanese pizza chain is undeniably epic, offering such gems as the "Sausage Rim Bacon Potato" and "Wild Salmon and Cream Cheese" pies.

4. Patatje oorlog, Holland

The name means "war chips" in Dutch, so you know this greasy delight is serious. Holland has a decent list of chip-cased dishes, but this combo of fried potato, onion, mayo, and peanut sauce has to take the cake.

5. Bamba, Israel

Bamba are a junk food staple in Isreal. The peanut flavoured puffs have a sweet meets salty taste that satisfy all your cravings and are great to munch on at the bar or at home during a Netflix binge.

6. Fried Mars bar, Scotland

Scotland is famous for this insanely rich snack. The deep fried Mars bar is exactly what it sounds like: your favourite chocolate bar doused in scalding oil, and while it's probably not wise to have one post-drinks every Friday night, a taste is well worth the clogged artery.

7. Chicken fillet roll, Ireland

This cheap eats favourite is available at most deli counters and convenience stores across Ireland and should be enjoyed for the simple and magnificent beasts they are. For a classic experience, ditch the cheese and take butter and mayo.

8. Boy Bawang, Philipines

These Filipino corn snacks are beloved for their garlic flavour, but they offer a wide variety to heats and tastes. Pour them into a bowl, soak them in vinegar, and eat them with a spoon to be really authentic.

9. Turrón de Doña Pepa, Peru

This sweet and sticky cake originated from Peruvian religious ceremonies, but is now a much more common indulgence. It's topped with popular Doña Pepa biscuits and can be homemade or store bought.

10. Korv, Sweden

For a cheap, fresh, and juicy sausage in Sweden, look no further than your local hot dog vendor, or korvkiosk. These pop-up stands serve a variety of sausages and topping to satisfy whatever late night (or mid-day, no judgements) craving you're trying to quell.

11. Takis, Mexico

If you can handle flavour dust on your fingers and high levels of spice, then you can't miss out on Mexico's favourite snack food, Takis. They're essentially rolled tortilla chips coated in flavour, and they're delicious. Mix them in with your salad or spaghetti, or coat them in salsa or hot sauce if you're feeling brave. There a a lot of weird ways to eat them.

12. Koshari, Egypt

If you're into carb-on-carb overloading, Koshari is the only food you'll ever need. Spiced lentils, pasta, and rice combine in this filling comfort food from Egypt. A little goes a long way, so be prepared to be stuffed.

13. Pepper cake, Tawain

This stuffed pastry is a popular pick at the Raohe night market. The pastry pockets are stuffed with seasoned pork and baked in a clay-walled oven.

14. Çokoprens, Turkey

These delicious biscuits from Turkey are essentially pre-packed Nutella sandwiches, so what more could you want? They tupically come as one, large biscuit sandwich, or in a roll of smaller, bite-sized biscuits. Always dip them in more Nutella, because it's double delicious.

15. Erdnussflips, Germany

Popular in Germany, these airy peanut puffs are quite similar to Israeli Bamba, and a great pre and post drinking snack.

16. Poutine, Canada

Chips + Gravy + Cheese curds. Any questions? This insane take-out order is favourite in Canada, but it seems some other countries have trouble recreating the simple but effective spirit of the glorious snack.

17. Gaufre, Belgium

Belgian waffles are prime street food, and the rest of the world is doing them wrong. In Belgium, waffles are served at home, in the street, and at restaurants and topped with savoury or sweet toppings. The batter is thicker, more like brioche, and the result is an insanely delicious carboload that can be eating plain, topped with fruit or sauce, or used in lieu of sandwich bread.

18. Tim Tams, Australia

Australians eat 45 million packets of these chocolate biscuits per year, so it's safe to say the sweet treat is a national favourite. They're also distributed in the US, by Pepperidge Farms.

19. Honey Butter Chips, Korea

These uniquely flavoured crips became a fad in 2014, and are still going strong in Korea. When the phenomenon was at it's peak, stores limited purchases to one bag per customer.

20. Supermac's, Ireland

If you're the type that drinks enough to need a 10oz burger to absorb the alcohol, then move to Ireland immediately, as close to a Supermac's as humanly possible. The burger and chicken chain is famous for its massive and delightfully greasy options, don't miss it.

21. Chicken Licken, Botswana & South Africa

For guilty pleasure noms in Africa, hit up the take-away chain, Chicken Licken in South Africa and Botswana. The menu looks downright American, but adds some local flair with the offering of pickled veg condiment, "achar."

22. MOS Burger, Japan

Peppered among the chain's regular burger joint options are rice burgers – that's right, burgers with buns made out of rice patties. You probably didn't realise you needed this in your life, but you do. And you need it now.

23. Teremok blini, Russia

Russia's answer to the crepe is the blini, a rolled or folded pancake stuffed with savory fillings and sauces. Blinis are often home made, but can be picked up on the go at the popular Russian takeaway, Teremok.

24. Kleinur, Iceland

These Icelandic knotted doughnuts are delicious, and can be picked up from most bakeries and supermarkets, or made fresh at home.

25. Chuanr, China

These grilled skewers pair perfectly with a beer in China. Seasoned with cumin and chili, the savoury dish can be made from lamb, chicken, seafood, or spiced buns. Grab one from a street vendor and hold it in one hand and your beer in the other for an easy drinking snack!

Australians eat 45 million packets of Tim Tams per year. A previous version of this article stated the nation consumes 45 million packets per day.