9 Stories That Will Remind You To Be Kind To Yourself

    Read these if you've ever worried about money, fell out with a friend, or yelled at your therapist.

    On adulting:

    1. Here's What It's Like To File Bankruptcy At 30 by Daniel Dylan Wray

    2. 7 Things I Thought I'd Be By 37 by Lisa Williamson

    On managing your mental health:

    3. How My Relationships Helped Me Come To Terms With My Depression by Karl Mercer

    4. Here's What I Learned About Myself After A Year In Therapy by Hayley Campbell

    On breaking up:

    5. How To Break Up With Someone Over Dinner by Laura Silver

    6. I'm Still Not Sure How I Lost My Best Friend by Chelsey Pippin

    On finding your people online:

    7. How I Found My Didis On The Internet by Jasmin Nahar

    8. How Fandom Gave Me A Place To Call Home by Alwyn Hamilton

    And finding your people IRL:

    9. 7 Moments of Solidarity from Strangers by Mariam Ansar