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    7 Little Ways To Entertain Yourself This Week

    What to read, watch, play, and eat.

    Rebecca Hendin / BuzzFeed

    1. Watch Lady Dynamite.


    This might be Netflix's most underrated original show at the moment. Fans of Arrested Development will get a serious kick out of this super-meta, smart AF, and truly, hilariously, weird half-hour comedy starring comedian Maria Bamford, who plays a fictionalised version of herself in a strange and delightful comment on shows about comedians playing fictional version of herself.

    It's a bit intense and can be a bit of a mind-fuck, so consuming an episode or two is about all I can handle at one time – but that actually makes it a brilliant changeup from Netflix's binge-culture, and it also means you can enjoy it and still have time to get other stuff done.

    Watch it here.

    Lady Dynamite
    not your thing? Go ahead and hop on the Stranger Things bandwagon.

    2. Read The Girls by Emma Cline.

    Penguin Random House

    According to Ailbhe: "This nuanced and atmospheric novel is set in the summer of 1969, and sees 14 year old Evie drawn into the world of a cult – thanks to one charismatic and mysterious girl named Suzanne.

    "The prose is sultry and sticky and it's razor sharp on what it means to be a woman in the world, and the teenage push and pull between desperately wanting to be seen and be special, and to fade away and just fit in.

    "The book itself plays that game with you – the characters are so beguiling that you mentally push them further, while being repulsed at their behaviour. In that way, it reminded me a lot of The Secret History."

    Read a sample chapter here or buy a copy.

    Looking for something more bite-sized? How about this lovely essay commemorating the London 2012 Olympics?

    3. Listen to The Smartest Man In the World.

    If you want to be entertained AND educated, pick up this delightful podcast from comedian Greg Proop. "It's extremely entertaining, and he always includes a large, topical, in his words 'boring, preachy' section (though I'd contest the 'boring' assertion) on what's been ~happening~ in the world," says Rebecca.

    Get it on iTunes, or access it on the web.

    Want to jam? I'm a big fan of Spotify's New Pop Revolution playlist.

    4. Play Just Dance Now.

    Just Dance Now

    This is a seriously fun, active game you can play alone or with friends. It's basically DDR on your phone: simply sync your mobile up with a computer and follow the the dance moves on screen to burn the calories and the competition.

    Warning: the phone version is more accurate than the plain web version, but keep it simple if you're drunk or you WILL break your phone.

    Get it for iOS, Google Play, or on the plain on world wide web.

    If you'd prefer to sit still, check out PAC-MAN 256 for a little nostalgia rush.

    5. Make these Pimm's ice lollies.

    Hilary tipped me off about these delightful frozen treats featuring Britain's favourite summery drink, and I can't wait to freeze up a batch as soon as the weather's right. Picture yourself enjoying one of these babies in the sun, and enjoy the daydream... or just turn the heat up in your flat and pretend.

    Get the recipe here.

    If something savoury would be more your speed, how about Chicken Parmesan Stuffed Garlic Bread?

    6. Try bullet journaling.

    Laura Gallant / Via

    If you're after some helpful fun, Jasmin recently gave this time-consuming hobby a go: "When I first started bullet journaling, I was pretty sceptical of it and whether it was any different from what I was doing anyway. But after the four weeks were over I’ve continued to use it every day, to keep me organised for day-to-day stuff as well as to remind me of any long-term things I’m meant to be sorting out. It is definitely not as complicated as it initially seemed, and through a bit of trial-and-error and seeing what you do and don’t like, it’s something that’s easy to get into and actually enjoy."

    Read more here or get started.

    If you're sure bullet journaling isn't for you, how about learning to up you phone photography skills?

    7. Follow BuzzFeed UK on Tumblr.

    Becky Barnicoat

    For a digest of all the best of BuzzFeed UK, hilarious reblogs, and original cartoons, look no further than our own little corner of Tumblr. It's one of my absolute favourite spots for late night trawling.

    Follow BuzzFeed UK here.

    If you'd prefer something more wanderlusty, check out The Globe Wanderer.

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