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    7 Little Ways To Entertain Yourself This Week

    What to read, watch, play, and eat.

    1. Watch Lady Dynamite.

    2. Read The Girls by Emma Cline.

    3. Listen to The Smartest Man In the World.

    4. Play Just Dance Now.

    5. Make these Pimm's ice lollies.

    6. Try bullet journaling.

    7. Follow BuzzFeed UK on Tumblr.

    Becky Barnicoat

    For a digest of all the best of BuzzFeed UK, hilarious reblogs, and original cartoons, look no further than our own little corner of Tumblr. It's one of my absolute favourite spots for late night trawling.

    Follow BuzzFeed UK here.

    If you'd prefer something more wanderlusty, check out The Globe Wanderer.