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    32 Pieces Of Furniture With Hidden Storage And Versatile Uses

    Man, I love a multitasker.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A folding, portable table with two storage shelves and room for up to four people when fully extended! This thing is like the Swiss Army knife of furniture — use it as a dining room table, desk, side table, or decorative console.

    2. A three-in-one convertible chair guaranteed to unfold at the *exact* angle you prefer when watching TV. Use it as a regular chair, a chaise, or bed (that way you don't have to pull your mattress into the living room).

    3. A discreet platform bed that — from one side — looks like any ol' frame, but from the other, reveals three extra-deep drawers where you can store off-season clothes or just the bag of Haribo gummies you don't want your partner to eat.

    4. A four-tier rotating storage cube where you can show off your sickest Blu-ray discs/collectibles. If guests happen to catch you on an off day, though, you can swivel the cubes so clutter is out of view.

    5. A sleek floor-length mirror with room to store all of the stinky shoes you don't want sitting out by your front door. You know, the Chucks, Tom's, and Rothys that you absolutely *love*, but don't want guests smelling the second they walk through your door.

    6. Or, a unobtrusive cabinet narrow enough to fit in tight mudrooms, entry halls, and foyers. At minimum, it holds eight pairs of sneakers, slip-ons, or sandals.

    7. An hourglass accent stool that looks like it'd be right at home in Kim Kardashian's all-white Calabasas mansion. Since the top slides right off, you can store whatever you want inside, be it unsightly dog toys or pre-bought Christmas presents you don't want your kids to find.

    8. A six-piece sectional sofa you can configure however you like be that in a traditional L or — hear me out here — as a MEGA bed for movie nights.

    9. A space-saving kitchen island with a drop-leaf top and two concealed stools you can whip out whenever you need extra seating. Idk who designed this baby, but studio dwellers everywhere are singing your praise.

    10. A corner credenza that also serves as a dog crate so Sparky isn't the only one with an ugly bed. Plus, more importantly, your living room doesn't have to harbor an eyesore of a crate.

    the corner credenza in coral

    11. A farmhouse-style end table with a built-in speaker that operates COMPLETELY cord-free 🙌🏻 You can even confuse your dog and answer phone calls through it.

    The speaker side table displayed next to sofa in a living room

    12. An industrial-style storage shelf you can shimmy right over your bed for extra succulent space. If your windowsills are already full, this is an easy space-saving solution.

    13. A floral storage bench where you can hide your favorite throw blanket. You know, the one you cuddle with everyday but don't keep on the couch because it has a noticeable ketchup stain.

    a blue floral bench with gold legs

    14. A modern coffee table that conceals FOUR birch end tables you can arrange any way that tickles your fancy! Can you even??

    15. Or a farmhouse-style coffee table with two super-spacious drawers. Use them for throw blankets, pillows, or just the random ish that seems accumulate day to day (me looking @ the Taco Bell hot sauce packets on my coffee table rn).

    16. A hinged storage cabinet/mirror for the random stuff you just don't have room for anywhere else. If you've run out of space in your apartment, think again! Bet you're not using those few inches behind your bedroom door. 🤔

    a model reaching for something on one of the nine shelves

    17. An oak headboard with built-in floating nightstands and hidden wire-nooks you can thread your iPhone cables through. That way, you don't have to create an intricate extension cord situation.

    the oak bed frame with built-in floating end tables

    18. A set of rustic-meets-industrial nesting accent tables you can use indoors or out. They can store just about anything — reviewers mention bird seed, vacuum parts, dog food, pillows, gloves and hats... you name it, they've stored it!

    a reviewer's end tables used on a patio

    19. A chic twin- or queen-size day bed that camouflages an additional trundle. Now, your friends will have no excuse not to stay the night.

    20. A floating shelf with two secret storage compartments that comes in particularly clutch in teensy tiny bathrooms. Don't want all of your toiletries, Q-tips, and half-squeezed toothpaste tubes out for display on your vanity? Throw 'em in here!

    the white shelf with one side open to reveal books and trinkets

    21. A two-in-one coffee table/bench that can be used as is or separated into individual pieces. Apart, they resemble those plastic activity trays every millennial had as a child.

    22. A convertible sectional sofa with a reversible ottoman that makes it a great option for small spaces and people who like to rearrange their living room every other month.

    A reviewer's photo of the grey couch with the ottoman placed on the right

    23. A mid-century modern side table that looks business as usual until guests get up close and see it's topped with your favorite record. You can even decide if you want the A side or B side to be on display.

    an atlantic record on top of the wooden table with hairpin legs

    24. A fold-out drink station with room for glasses, mixers, liquor bottles and the like. Once you've mixed up your adult bevvy of choice, just fold that bad boy up and it takes up barely any space.

    The foldout bar which has two storage shelves and a small table

    25. A lift-top table that not only gives you room to store all the magazines you haven't read yet, but also a place to work. If you don't have a home office, this is even better 'cause you can plop yourself right in front of the TV, giving you access to dual screens. 😉

    26. A simple table/bench for concealing one of the ugliest things in any cat owner's home — the litter box!

    27. A simply gorg desk that'll make you look like a renowned architect with its angled metal base that you can adjust to any height you like. I know people have mixed feelings on Ted Mosby (tbh I love him), but I feel like he'd approve.

    the industrial metal and wood desk which has two storage shelves

    28. A Shaker-style raised feeding station with a big ol' drawer where you can store your pup's kibble so you don't have to keep a 20-pound bag of Purina out in plain sight.

    the feeding station in sage

    29. A Novogratz memory sofa that's also a futon so when your mom drops by unannounced — as she's known to do — you don't have to wrestle an air mattress out of your storage closet.

    30. A Samsung Frame TV capable of blending in with your gallery wall. Guests are on the way and you're in the middle of a TLC binge? Just switch it to your fave Van Gogh and no one will be the wiser.

    A BuzzFeed editor's TV hung alongside art

    31. A toilet paper dispenser small enough to slide right between the commode and bathroom wall. This way, you don't have to fill up your entire bathroom cabinet with TP rolls or worry about them getting wet in one of those open wire stands.

    32. And a velvet ottoman that's not only a great place to kick up your feet, but a secret lil' storage spot where you can stow throw blankets. If your home barely has room for furniture, this versatile piece will come in clutch.

    Guests when I start blasting TikTok audio through my side table: