Prince William Hits Back At Speculation Over Kate Middleton's Health With Firm Response

    There's been widespread speculation about her health for weeks now.

    First, Kensington Palace shared a statement on the rumors and speculation about Kate Middleton's health. Now, Prince William is speaking out, too.

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    If you somehow haven't heard, there's been a ton of speculation about what's going on with Kate after she hadn't been seen in public in over two months. Her last appearance had specifically been on Christmas day when she attended a church service with the royal family.

    William and Kate with their children walking outside, dressed in winter coats as onlookers stand on the side

    In January, the palace shared a statement saying that Kate was "admitted to [a] hospital [...] for planned abdominal surgery." It noted that she was "unlikely to return to public duties until after Easter" based on "current medical advice," and said that any updates would be provided "when there is significant new information to share."

    Still, speculation increased after Prince William missed an important royal outing for "personal reasons." Although a source insisted that the princess was "doing well," people were skeptical, leading to many theories, tweets, and even memes about Kate's health.

    “yeh so basically Kate Middleton hasn’t been seen in months like she’s actually missing. word on the conspiracy street is that she’s doing 1 of many things - gone for a BBL, growing out her bangs, lost at the Wonka experience. also she’s possibly banksy x”

    — Aliyana G (@Aliyana567) February 28, 2024
    NBC / Twitter: @Aliyana567

    Amid the speculation, Kate's rep shared a statement to Page Six, saying, “Kensington Palace made it clear in January the timelines of the princess’ recovery and we’d only be providing significant updates." They said that "guidance stands," but repeated that Kate was “doing well.”

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    William, for his part, commented on the matter to People. A rep for the prince said, "His focus is on his work and not on social media." So, completely shutting it down.

    William in a tuxedo with a bow tie speaks at a podium with a "Charity" sign in the background

    Anyway, Kate was spotted this week while riding in a car with her mother, Carole Middleton. So, maybe we'll hear from her soon.