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    Jeremy Allen White Was Seen Kissing Model Ashley Moore Amid His Split From Addison Timlin


    You obviously know Jeremy Allen White — from stuff like The Bear, Shameless, and the upcoming wrestling flick The Iron Claw.

    Closeup of Jeremy Allen White

    And you might know Ashley Moore. She's a model and actor who's been in stuff like the I Know What You Did Last Summer TV series.

    Closeup of Ashley Moore

    Well! Those two were seen kissing on Saturday.

    Closeup of Ashley Moore

    TMZ published photos showing the pair kissing and hugging while out in Los Angeles. Jeremy was photographed in a dotted shirt, baggy jeans, a white hat, and matching sneakers. Ashley, for her part, wore a gray hoodie, black leggings, and white sneakers, with a pair of black sunglasses sitting atop her head.

    Jeremy Allen White on the red carpet

    So far, neither of them has commented on the outing or the status of their relationship, but it comes two months after Jeremy split from his longtime partner, Addison Timlin.

    Jeremy Allen White and Addison Timlin

    Addison filed for divorce in May after three years of marriage. They had been together since 2008 and share two daughters, Ezer, 4, and Dolores, 2.

    Closeup of Jeremy Allen White and Addison Timlin