Cardi B Threw Her Mic At A Fan Who Appeared To Throw A Drink On Her, And People Are Having A Lot Of Reactions To It Online

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    As you've probably seen, there's been a really unfortunate trend lately of concertgoers throwing items at artists.

    It happened to Bebe Rexha first, when a fan hit her in the face with a phone at a concert.

    Closeup of Bebe Rexha

    Then they got Ava Max, Pink, Drake, Kelsea Ballerini, and Harry Styles.

    Wide shot of a concert

    And now, it's happened to Cardi B — only this time, she threw something back.

    Closeup of Cardi B

    In a now-viral video, the "Jealousy" hitmaker is seen performing in Las Vegas when a fan suddenly tossed their drink at her.

    Cardi B onstage

    Cardi IMMEDIATELY snapped and shot her mic back in their direction.

    Closeup of Cardi B onstage

    You can see the person in question then appear to shout words back at Cardi before being escorted away by her security.

    Closeup of Cardi B

    People reacted to the situation on Twitter — and, for the most part, sided with Cardi.

    I don't blame Cardi for throwing her mic why do yall keep going to these shows and throwing stuff at the artist ??

    — Professional Jamaican 🇯🇲 (@_GeeMckay) July 30, 2023
    Twitter: @_GeeMckay

    Adele did warm y'all to stop throwing shit at them folks. Y'all be trying it these days and I'm glad Cardi took back cause someone gotta show y'all to stop that shit.

    — Congrats Ms. Big P*ssy Hole (@Sancityx) July 30, 2023
    Twitter: @Sancityx

    Cardi was absolutely RIGHT in throwing that mic. You’re lucky that’s all she threw because the way I would’ve come seen you face to face. Stop throwing stuff at artists on stage! Grow up. 🗣️

    — Chermaine💫 (@Cher_The_Actor) July 30, 2023
    Twitter: @Cher_The_Actor

    Cardi’s aim is impeccable.

    — The Moment. (@itsKARY_) July 30, 2023
    Twitter: @itsKARY_

    Sigh. Once again, please stop throwing things at celebrities!