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21 Ways Sloths Are Living Life Right

Go forth and be slothful!

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1. They're not shy about photobombing.

2. They aren't afraid to show affection.

Creative Commons / Flickr: 70284362@N00

3. They always come prepared.

4. They know how to FLIRT.

Matt Stopera

5. They don't discriminate when it comes to friendships.

Matt Stopera / Via

6. They enjoy the little things: like a nice bucket...

Matt Stopera / Via

7. ...and snacks!

Matt Stopera / Via

I mean LOOK how blissed-out this face is!

Matt Stopera / Via

8. They also know that a balanced diet=a successful life.

9. They never stop pondering.

10. They are very eco-conscience and ALWAYS carpool.

11. They keep cool near famous people because they value their own self-worth.

12. They're ALWAYS ready to listen.

Matt Stopera / Via

13. Even when they're "staying in," they make sure to get their exercises in.

Matt Stopera / Via

14. They know their best angles.

Creative Commons / Flickr: 28759204@N00

15. And they ALWAYS take the time to look up at the sky.

Sara Rubin

16. They know the value of a good nap.

17. They're not afraid of a little PDA.

Sara Rubin

18. But they can also be the most fun couple to hang out with ever.

Creative Commons / Flickr: 28759204@N00

19. They aren't afraid to stand up to their haters.

Matt Stopera / Via

20. It's hard to believe they even have them though because they are literally perfect.

Summer Ann Burton / Via

21. So go forth! Try and perfect your life by being more slothful!

Matt Stopera / Via


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