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    10 Signs Your Pet Is A Conspiracy Theorist

    Does your cat wear too much tin foil? Does your dog insist that Elvis isn't dead and that JFK was killed by the C.I.A.? Sorry to tell you but you have a conspiracy theorist on your hands.

    1. Tin foil cap is a sure sign. Usually caused by fear of Alien Invasion

    2. She insists that JFK was killed by the C.I.A. ....also she wears a tin foil hat

    3. Insists on dressing up as Elvis for when Elvis finally returns

    4. He's trying to convert the other pets

    5. He's preoccupied with the skies, looking for U.F.O.'S

    6. Scoffs at your suggestion that JFK WASN'T killed by the C.I.A.

    7. Waits by the window for hours, gets depressed when no one arrives to beam him up

    8. Psh, landed on the moon? He claims his grandfather was there and he never got on any spaceship

    9. Seriously. Uses all of your tin foil to protect himself from alien invasions

    10. When the foil hat turns into full-body armor, you need to get her help