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    32 Super Smart Storage Products

    Just a list of products that will actually give you more space instead of adding to your clutter.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A floating bookshelf so you can ditch that bulky traditional storage unit. But don't worry, these can hold a lot of novels so you can still continue your tradition of buying books and never reading them.

    Reviewer photo of six books seemingly floating from the wall with a small cactus on top

    2. A tea organizer that will ensure you don't crowd your kitchen counter with a gazillion boxes. Plus, you won't have to make a mess rifling through a million spice bottles and condiments to find the one you're looking for.

    3. An under cabinet wineglass rack to save space in your cupboards and keep them organized. The installation process is quick and easy — just mount the rack to the bottom of your cabinet with the included supplies. Plus, it will make your kitchen look like a fancy Italian winery.

    Reviewer wine racks in use in kitchen

    4. An overhead storage rack which will solve all of your problems if your up to your neck in knickknacks. This'll turn your ceiling into a closet so that you can pop bins, luggage, or any other item up there.

    5. A two-in-one coffee table that allows you to comfortably work from the comfort of your couch, plus it has enough space for two monitors, a keyboard, a mouse, and your coffee mug. Just pull the top layer up while you're on the clock and push it back down when not in use.

    Brown wood coffee table with bottom shelf and a lifting top, revealing an inner area to store more things

    6. A storage container for your glasses because you misplace your specs more often than you lose track of the remote. Now, they'll be safe and sound in this little box, so you can avoid accidentally stepping on them again.

    7. A handmade mirror and beech wood unit that can only be described as magic for small homes. This futuristic piece of decor can hold your coat, hats, lamp, glasses, beauty items, and plants on top, plus you can store a ton of items inside the little drawer.

    A full-length mirror with a wood shelf across the middle and a white drawer and hooks on the right side

    8. A toilet tissue dispenser with a sleek design that doubles as storage and decor. It is perfect for small bathrooms because you can stuff rolls of TP inside and put plants, electronics, and/or beauty items on top.

    9. A colorful woven storage basket because unlike when you throw everything into your closet, when you stuff everything in these things and call it "cleaning"... it actually looks chic.

    A large woven basket with a lid and handles on the side with black and multi-colored lines all over

    10. A curtain liner that has mesh pockets with a cute design that doubles as storage and decor. It is perfect for small bathrooms — instead of stuffing your counter with all your products, you can beautifully display them with this curtain.

    11. Plastic organizing bins so you can easily see everything in your cabinets, aka nothing gets lost in the abyss. Avoiding clutter can also ensure you don't end up with a cupboard full of mismatched plastic containers and tops that won't ever be put to use.

    The clear lid organizer in a drawer with plastic lids inside

    12. A wall outlet shelf that'll let you enjoy your shower playlist uninterrupted by dying batteries. Simply attach the shelf to the outlet, place the device of your choice on top, and plug in the charger.

    13. A nail polish organizer so you don't cram all of them on your counter. Keep up to 48 individual bottles in this storage caddy to avoid knocking them over on the floor.

    Reviewer photo of the bin filled with a rainbow of assorted nail polish bottles

    14. A velvet storage ottoman that will give you extra storage and help you save so much space. It also has a removable lid big enough to comfortably lay your feet on top and fit snacks, a remote, and a blanket inside — aka all the Netflix binge session staples.

    15. A hanging door organizer which can be used for absolutely anything. You need this if you've got too many shoes, chargers, food, or other supplies and not enough closet and counter space.

    Reviewer shoes, electronics, pantry items, and cleaning supplies in hanging door organizer

    16. A 10-pack of Wonder Hangers because shopping in Soho left you with enough outfit changes to fit into a three minute TikTok video — but definitely not your tiny closet. One hanger can hold five garments, plus the handle can lay vertically which gives you even more space.

    17. A three-tier rolling organizer cart which can be used to store kitchen items if your apartment came sans pantry closet.... or your beauty items if your tiny bathroom just won't fit them. Best of all? You can lug this around hardwood floors or carpets with ease if it needs to be moved around.

    Reviewer photo of the storage tower with three shelves filled with food and cooking ingredients between a stove and fridge

    18. A macrame produce hammock to keep all your fruits and veggies from rotting in the back of your fridge or being strewn across your kitchen counter.

    19. Stackable cubes that can keep your shoes and clothes from collecting dust. These allow you to cram as many items as you want in your closet, all while keeping it neat and tidy.

    Reviewer photo of a closet with the cubs on the top shelf, making room to store way more clothes

    20. Interlocking drawer bins because right now, every drawer looks like a junk drawer. Keep all of your items organized and toss what you don't need — like your assortment of fast food condiments and duck sauce packets that you'll never use.

    21. A perfectly sized over the sink drying rack that's sturdy and tall, so it'll fit *all* your plates, cups, utensils, and more... all without tipping over or crowding your kitchen counter.

    The drying rack above a kitchen sink with places to put bowls, plates, cups, silverware, cutting boards, knives, and other utensils

    22. A 30-bottle spice organizer which is definitely a two-in-one space saving decor item. If limited counter space and cabinets are an issue for your traditional spice rack, add these to cart and that problem will go poof.

    23. A drawer organizer that will make the impossible possible — finding a pair of socks without ransacking your dresser drawers. Oh, the joys of being able to pull out a matching pair of undergarments and basics in under 10 seconds.

    Reviewer draw with draw organizer inside

    24. A four-tiered tray to store your favorite accessories! Now, you don't have to risk losing your favorite jewelry — take them off immediately after getting home and never risk it falling down the sink drain because you forgot to take 'em before washing your hands.

    The circular jewelry box open showing the four containers that have jewelry in them

    25. A chic over-the-door towel rack that saves major space in your bathroom and makes even the most affordable towels look fancy.

    Towel rack hanging over bathroom door holding towels and robe

    26. A wooden bike shelf which proves you can turn anything into a piece of art — even your cycle. You'll feel like you live in an art gallery *plus* will save money on storage so in the words of Michael Scott, it's a win-win-win.

    A wooden bike rack mounted to the wall with bike hanging from it

    27. A hanging cotton canvas hamper so you can stop piling your clothes on your bed, chairs, and floor. Plus it looks so chic, you'll be tempted to snap a picture and air your ~dirty laundry~ on Instagram.

    the white holder

    28. A two-tier expandable organizer rack that can fit all your cleaning products and toiletries. As your products dwindle, so can this shelf — just expand it again before your next beauty haul.

    A reviewer photo of before and after using the shelf in the cabinet under the sink: on the left, there are products just on the bottom, while on the right there are way more protects organized nicely on the three shelves

    29. A seagrass basket hanging rack which triples as a planter, magazine rack, and mail holder. Keep all your important papers, monthly bills, newspapers, and zines neatly organized and easily accessible in style.

    The wall rack holding a plant, blanket, and other items in its three baskets

    30. A rotating tray with clear removable bins that makes it super easy to clean. You can put your go-to snacks and beverages here for easy access, that way you won't have to rummage through the cabinets every time you need a little something to nibble on.

    A white circle with three bins on it and one bin next to it with assorted snacks and food products in the bins

    31. A two-for-one over the door mirror and jewelry organizer so that you can remove that huge, expensive vanity from your cart. This will allow you to store as many accessories as your heart desires and allows you to get a full glimpse of your ensemble without taking up more space.

    Model using mirror to see herself and do makeup; also showing off inside of jewelry organizer

    32. A two-tiered end table with a built-in basket which is perfect since your couch has most likely become your work area. You can toss your notebooks, pens, and other supplies in the bottom and keep the important stuff at the top — aka, your coffee mug, remote, and snacks.

    The circular side table with wood-like top, white legs, and a grey fabric bin with books and a blanket in it

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