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14 Beauty Resolutions That Are Actually Worth Keeping In 2014

New year, new beauty obsessions.

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2. Invest in some good tools.

You might be better off with beauty tools that matter -- they could be better for your health and have more efficient powers than some conventional options. Microfiber cloths are gentle alternatives for your face, while glass files give your nails a better, healthier shape.

4. Turn your beauty goods into multipurpose items.

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Sometimes, you just don't want to buy a specific product for EVERY. SINGLE. THING. on your body, so resort to the products you already have. Try lipstick for blush and eyeshadow, conditioner for intimates laundry, or nipple cream for cracked areas of skin.

You'll save your money AND your energy!


6. Remove at least one harmful product from your routine.

You could possibly improve your skin after taking out an irritant. For example, your foaming shampoo probably contains sodium lauryl sulfate, and it could be contributing to your forehead and scalp breakouts. Sulfate-free shampoos are also better for color-treated hair.

Additionally, try avoiding brands that still participate in animal testing, because that's so 20th century.

8. Actually take care of your teeth.


Sure, a standard toothbrush and toothpaste do the trick, right? NOPE.

You could add floss, and choose products based on your dental needs — if you find your teeth hurt EVERY TIME you drink tea, it's time to get some Sensodyne in your life. Or, invest in some cool dental hygiene tools, like the Flossolution that uses a dual brush and floss system.


10. Find your perfect MLBB shade.

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"MLBB" stands for "My Lips But Better," and it refers to lipsticks or glosses that enhance the natural color of your lips. Instead of wearing nude, MLBB's promote colors that are actually similar to your lip tone, which range in finishes and hue.

Check out this video from the From Head To Toe vlog about MLBB's.

14. Finally, find out what looks good on YOU.

This year, get rid of those excuses like "I don't look good in red lipstick," because in reality, people of all skin tones can rock a good red. The solution? Do some digging and find out which shades, remedies, and products work well on you, not on everybody else.

So, find out your skin type, learn the difference between warm and cool hues, and experiment!