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    22 Beauty Products That Are Probably Smarter Than I Am (And I'm Okay With It)

    Brilliant and worth every penny.

    1. A pair of moisturizing gloves for when your cracked and dry hands are in dire need of a pick-me-up, and lotion just isn't cutting it anymore. They’re perfect for a little “me time”, won't restrict your use of your hands, and you can even reuse them a couple of times.

    2. A pack of collagen lip masks that'll plump and hydrate your lips for an Instagram-ready pout. They can be used as a primer before you put on a coat of lipstick and as a treatment once you've taken it off to bring a little moisture back to your lips. Oh, and they'll be a lifesaver for chapped lips in the winter!

    3. An exfoliating peppermint lip balm that'll scrub away dead skin and leave you with a less sandpaper-y smile. Reviewers love that the crayon applicator saves them from messing around with their fingers and say that it's even better than high-end scrubs they've tried.

    The lip scrub laying amidst many candy canes

    4. A pack of makeup remover cloths that you can use to clean your face without any extra products (thats right, it works its magic with water — just water!) It's an eco-friendly alternative to cotton pads and disposable wipes, and it even works on waterproof mascara.

    Three makeup cleansing cloths with "just add water" across them

    5. A pack of healing acne stickers that are invisible both under and without makeup. They'll even fight (and defeat) those nasty, deep cysts while acting as a barrier to your fingers when you just can't resist the urge to pick at 'em.

    A photoset of the miracle patches box and a sheet of acne stickers held up in the air

    6. A reusable oil-absorbing roller that'll instantly remove that unwanted sheen from your T-zone. It's made of volcanic stone that cools and massages the skin, and it’ll easily pop out of the base when you need to give it a quick wash.

    7. A lightweight and hydrating tint serum that'll give you a gorgeous flush of colour without leaving your lips cracked and peeling at the end of the day. You can build it up in layers for a deeper hue and apply it to your cheeks for a simple, monochromatic look.

    8. A tub of clear brow wax from Anastasia Beverly Hills that'll help you achieve the latest coveted soap brows sans lather and soapy residue. Simply grab some with a brow spoolie and brush it through the hairs for a bold and sexy look.

    9. An at-home collagen protein treatment that'll leave your hair looking and feeling its absolute best. You'll only need five minutes (and no hooded dryers, thankfully) to bring even the most damaged tresses back to life.

    10. A cleansing mousse for the days when you want to give your hair some ~zuzh~, but don't want to get in the shower. The foam will absorb excess oils just like a traditional dry shampoo while quenching your thirsty locks without weighing them down.

    Someone dispensing a dollop of the cleansing foam into the palm of their hand

    11. A rinse-out lamellar water treatment to add shine and lightness to your hair in 8 seconds flat. Reviewers of all hair types are blown away by the results, saying they noticed results after just one use while skipping the conditioner.

    12. A pair of winged eyeliner stamps for frustration-free, Insta-ready cat eyes every time. They're a godsend if you've got shaky hands or limited getting-ready time (plus the left/right stamps mean no awkward bending of your arm to do the other eye).

    A person holding up the winged liner next to their face

    13. A versatile E.l.f. multi-stick for a chic, timeless look that won't require the entire contents of your makeup bag to achieve. You can wear it alone or apply it as a base for layering, then pop it in your bag to freshen up throughout the day.

    14. A pack of eyebrow shapers that'll help you keep your brows in tip-top shape without having to spend ages in front of a mirror with tweezers. You can also use them to remove unwanted peach fuzz and stray hairs around your bikini line.

    Closeup of someone using a shaver with the precision eyebrow shaping cap on

    15. A cooling jelly eye mask that'll soothe and pamper the skin around your tired peepers after a long day of staring at screens. It's amazing for replenishing thirsty skin and reviewers say it can even be used to help remove stubborn makeup at the end of the day.

    Three packs of jelly eye masks

    16. A Revlon dryer brush for beautiful, bouncy, voluminous hair that'll give your favourite blowout bar a run for its money. Reviewers say it's helped them get ready quicker, making it perfect for anyone who struggles with never having enough time in the morning.

    Four large electronic hair brushes lying on a plain background

    17. A bottle of keratin hair capsules that'll give you the silkiest, glossiest hair that you might have a hard time believing is yours. It's perfect for traveling and can be worked into your locks before a blow dry for when you're feelin' ✨extra ritzy✨.

    Someone out of focus holds the jar of keratin capsules up to the camera

    18. A bottle of the incredible Olaplex hair perfector that'll rebuild your hair from the inside out. It might be called No. 3, but with the insane results (bringing even the deadest of dead hair back to life) it really has earned its crown as a number one hair treatment.

    19. A hair finishing stick that'll tame those rebellious flyaways, leaving you with a sleek and polished look. It won't dry hard and will keep even the more stubborn baby hairs in line.

    A photoset depicting someone's long hair in a bun, and the before/after of applying the hair finisher

    20. A tube of Epsom salt foot gel for when your poor feet are just begging for some instant R&R. If you don't love kicking back in the tub and getting your piggies all pruny, but want all the benefits of a good soak, this will probably be right up your alley.

    Closeup of the epsom salt foot gel against someone's feet

    21. A hydrating colour-changing lip balm for days when you want an au naturel look that's all your own. It's formulated to adjust to your body's pH so you'll be blessed with a custom shade you can't get at any store.

    The lip balm laying on a satiny sheet

    22. And lastly, a coconut oil stick for extra hydration that comes in a convenient, twist-up container that you'll definitely want to "say yes" to. It's about the size of a stick of deodorant, making it perfect for tossing in your makeup bag.

    One hand holding up the coconut stick, the other cupping a ball of the product

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