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    28 Skincare Products You'll Be Glad You Added To Your Arsenal This Winter

    My skin and I are truly sick of winter already.

    1. A lavender-infused pedicure sponge if heavy winter boots and thick wool socks tend to wreak havoc on your tootsies. It'll buff away dead skin and is infused with anti-fungal tea tree oil that'll help keep athlete's foot at bay, too.

    2. A jar of gentle toning pads that'll soothe wind-chapped skin in just a few swipes. They'll sweep away anything left behind by your cleanser (some reviewers even use them to remove makeup).

    3. A twist-up lotion stick that's small enough to keep in your coat pocket. It won't accidentally leak all over your stuff and is just the ticket for targeting patches of dry skin, like the ones between your fingers or on your cuticles.

    a person using the lotion stick on their hands

    4. A pack of pillow-proof pimple patches that won't budge while under all your hats and scarves. They'll stay in locked in place and will help reduce swelling, too.

    5. An exfoliating glove so you can scrub away dead skin without making a mess of your bathtub. Reviewers say the soft texture doesn't irritate sensitive skin or eczema flare-ups.

    someone using the exfoliating glove to scrub their arm

    6. A jar of Aquaphor healing ointment that'll soften, hydrate, and condition all your dry, scaly bits. The rich formula is perfect for slathering onto flaky elbows and knees, but reviewers say it's gentle enough to use on your face, too.

    someone opening a jar of the aquaphor healing ointment

    7. A bottle of organic tea tree oil if your scalp gets a smidge itchy and dry from the cold. Reviewers say it's not only surprisingly effective (just a few drops will do!), but that it also works wonders on heat rashes, fungal infections, and even acne.

    a bottle of tea tree oil styled with fresh greenery

    8. A pack of de-puffing eye masks that reviewers say deserve all the gold stars. Thanks to hyaluronic acid, they're also a major moisture bomb, helping to keep your undereyes from drying out during the colder months.

    a person wearing the undereye masks

    9. A Foreo Luna Mini 3 that’ll cleanse your face in 60 seconds with gentle pulsations (instead of intense scrubbing). The silicone bristles act as gentle exfoliants, too, so you can skip the harsh, drying scrubs.

    a person holding up the foreo brush against a clear sky

    10. A pair of hydrating socks that'll become your best ally in the fight against dry skin. They've got aloe vera and a ton of moisturizing oils that'll help you banish flakiness and cracking, once and for all.

    someone sipping tea on an armchair while wearing the moisturizing socks

    11. A waterproof scalp massager that will kickstart your mornings and exfoliate your noodle — dry skin begone! The rubber tips gently vibrate to lather up shampoo, ease any tension, and even help stimulate hair growth.

    A person using the vibrating head massager under the shower

    12. A rich facial cream infused with chia seeds that'll help your skin fight back against the ravages of winter. It'll form a protective shield on your face so blistery winds and cold temps won't stand a chance.

    a jar of the rich chia seed facial moisturizer on a bed of chai seeds

    13. A bottle of 2-in-1 beard oil if your facial hair gets a bit scruffy and rough during the colder months. It's all-natural and rich enough to use as a hydrating leave-in conditioner for your tresses, too.

    a bottle of the beard oil nestled among tree trunks and moss

    14. An eczema-relieving stick that'll help you fend off any outbreaks of itchy, painful skin. It's unscented, anti-inflammatory, and will help to speed up the healing process, too.

    A person applying the stick to their hands

    15. A jelly eye mask that'll make you feel like the Caped Crusader — and help revive your tired, frazzled skin to boot. Reviewers love that it doesn't slip off so you can slap it on and get on with your day.

    A person tears open the top of the jelly eye mask packaging

    16. A pack of hydrating sheet masks for when the cold weather has sapped every drop of moisture from your skin. Reviewers love that they noticed an immediate improvement in dry, flaky patches (without any irritation, either).

    17. A bottle of Thayer's alcohol-free toner that'll keep your skin hydrated and happy. Reviewers love how gentle it is on sensitive skin and say it helps reduce breakouts, dark spots, and irritation.

    18. A USB-powered humidifier if harsh indoor heating is making your skin feel positively parched. Reviewers say it's whisper-quiet and love that it can last through their entire workday (or through a good night's snooze).

    the slim humidifier on a surface covered in water droplets

    19. A bottle of moisturizing hand sanitizer that'll kill germs and bacteria without leaving your skin feeling dehydrated. It smells like cedar and citrus (rather than stinky alcohol) so you'll *actually* wanna use it.

    A person holding up a bottle of the hand sanitizer

    20. A bottle of radiance-boosting moisturizer if your skin's looking a lil' dull this time of year. It'll help fade the appearance of scarring and dark spots and will even protect your dermis from the harsh winter sun (it has SPF!).

    a trio of lotion bottles with the product swatched on a surface

    21. A rich healing balm that'll help your skin recover from changing seasons and intense indoor heating. Reviewers say it wonders on eczema and rosacea, but doesn't leave behind any filmy or greasy residue.

    An open jar of the salve next to containers piles of fresh olives and almonds

    22. An intensely hydrating serum that'll keep moisture locked in all day long. It'll work overtime to support your skin's natural protective barrier without clogging up your pores or making your skin look shiny.

    someone squirting the serum onto their face

    23. A pack of exfoliating foot masks that'll give your tootsies a total makeover. They'll slough away dead and rough skin in a flash — reviewers say they had baby-soft feet after just one use.

    24. A moisturizing shave cream if every pass of a razor feels like agony on your skin. Reviewers say you only need a small dollop to feel it's effects and it'll cushion your blade so you can get a super-close shave

    a tube of the shaving cream surrounded by lavender flowers

    25. A natural deodorant that'll keep you fresh under all your winter layers. It'll go on smooth and won't leave any white marks or stains on your clothes, either.

    A person holding up two natural deodorants against a simple backdrop

    26. An overnight face mask that'll work its moisturizing magic while you're snoozing. According to reviewers, it's the perfect antidote to any and all skin irritations (including post-retinol and eczema).

    27. A pack of all-natural bath cubes that'll transform your regular soak into a serious hydration bomb. Thanks to their flat sides, they won't roll away if you prefer to use them as a shower steamer instead.

    a pair of cube-shaped bath bombs on a colourful towel

    28. And lastly, a jar of moisturizing OPI massage cream so you can treat your entire body to some well-deserved TLC. It's rich enough to hydrate the crispiest skin on your body (like elbows and heels), but won't leave behind a greasy feeling.

    someone dipping their fingers into the massage cream

    Your skin to you:

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