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    22 Affordable Amazon Canada Finds That Everyone Should Know About

    You'll love 'em even more than their price tags.

    1. A pack of iPhone 13 screen and camera lens protectors that'll save you from having a heart attack every time you drop your phone. Reviewers love that it comes with an alignment case for easy installation and say the lens protector hasn't affected the quality of their photos one bit.

    A front and back view of an iPhone 13 with the two screen protectors

    2. A pair of squeeze bottles that you can fill with oil, vinegar, acrylic paint, baby powder, and more. They're fantastic if you like buying in bulk, and you can even use them for icing pastries — the spouts will give you more precision for designs.

    Someone holding two squeeze bottles, the larger one with oil in it and the smaller one with soy sauce

    3. A jar of L'Oréal collagen moisturizer that'll give your skin a boost of intense hydration every day. Reviewers love that it applies and absorbs easily and say it makes their thirsty skin feel super soft, smooth, and moisturized.

    Someone holding an open tub of the moisturizer

    4. A pair of light-dimming sheets that'll dull that pesky glow from your alarm clock or thermostat. They can be cut to size, so you can use them over the smaller LEDs on your computer, too — great for people who keep their setups in their bedrooms.

    5. A pair of stainless steel soap bars that'll rid your hands of garlicky fumes (plus that smell that just won't go away after you accidentally picked up a mildewy dishrag). You simply rub the bar between your hands and it'll vamoose odours, saving you from having to scrub your palms raw.

    The stainless steel soap bar resting against a cutting board with two heads of garlic on it

    6. An over-the-door organizer so you can stop forming little piles of belts, toys, and socks on your floor. It has clear windows that'll make it easy to see the pockets' contents, so you won't have to go rooting around each one to find what you're looking for.

    The organizer hanging over the door with half of the pockets full of stuff

    7. A pack of vacuum storage bags so you can put away your bulky parkas and plush comforters, without taking up all your storage space. They’re great for tiny apartments with minuscule closets and will also keep moisture at bay, so you won’t come back to mouldy jackets next winter.

    8. An Angry Mama microwave cleaner that’ll make getting the gunk out of your appliance so much easier. Just fill it with vinegar and water, and then nuke mama to get her steamin’ mad — all those stuck-on food bits and nasty crusties will melt away.

    Angry mama inside a microwave, blowing steam out of the top of its head

    9. A box of thin and bendy Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sheets that'll make everything in your house sparkle like new. Reviewers say they can tackle almost any stain, from crayon marks on walls to hair dye on white porcelain.

    10. A silicone hot tool mat so you won't have to precariously balance your hair straightener on the lip of the sink in between sections. Reviewers like how the ridges are useful for preventing their tools from sliding around.

    The heat mat with a flat iron on it, next to a plant and a metal comb

    11. A simple hook organizer that'll give you a neat little place to store your keys. It'll mount underneath your light switch, so you won't have to drill any additional holes (perfect for any renters out there!).

    Keys on the organizer

    12. A slim drying rack that'll be perfect if you're short on counter space, but don't want to just lay your dishes on a damp washcloth. It also has non-slip feet, so you won't have to worry about it sliding around.

    The dish-drying station with two plates, a mug, and a spoon on it

    13. A tube of Gorilla Glue that'll help you fix all your broken things. Reviewers love that the bottle doesn't clog up easily and say a little goes a long way (so one lil' bottle will last you a while).

    A person holding a bottle of the glue

    14. A tub of spackle that'll make it easy-peasy to patch up any holes in your walls (while making sure you don't lose your security deposit). It goes on pink and will turn white when it's fully dried, so you'll know when it's time to sand.

    15. A bottle of Poo-Pourri toilet spray that'll make sure your business doesn't become anybody else's business. Its blend of essential oils won't leave your bathroom smelling like chemicals, either (and it's way safer than lighting a candle).

    A bottle of Poo-Pourri toilet spray

    16. A pair of shoe deodorizers that'll save you from retching every time you take off your smelly kicks. Reviewers say they're a must-have for keeping their work boots and soccer cleats fresh, and appreciate that they don't fall out of their shoes or get lost like other ones they've tried.

    The shoe deodorizers inside of a pair of mesh running shoes

    17. An angled measuring cup that'll give you a bird's-eye view of your measurements, so you won't have to awkwardly crouch down — a pretty big deal if you suffer from back or neck pains (not I, only in my twenties 🙄).

    The OXO angled measuring cup

    18. A splash-free water bowl that'll help keep your furry friendo hydrated on long road trips. Since the water comes out when they lick the bowl, it's also great for homes with hyperactive critters and clumsy humans who tend to knock over the water bowl at least once per day.

    A got with the bowl in the backseat of a car

    19. A bottle of stain and odour spray that'll cut through the foulest smells your pet can generate. Reviewers love that it doesn't leave behind splotches or outlines (like some other cleaners) and say it even banishes the stench of cat pee.

    A bottle of odor destroyer being held up in front of a sleeping puppy

    20. A set of reusable silicone can covers that'll stop your drink from losing its carbonation. They're super useful for picnics or golfing seshes, since they'll keep lil' crawlies from flying into your bevvy, too.

    a person holding a can with one of the colourful lids on top

    21. A pair of drawer organizers that'll keep your ties, camis, and other small items in neat and orderly grids. Reviewers say the cubbies are sturdy and love that they don’t have to sift through a mass of clothing just to find a matching pair of socks.

    An open drawer with two organizers inside and various clothing folded up

    22. And lastly, a squeegee that'll take care of those unsightly streaks on your windows and mirrors and leave them ✨sparkling clean✨. Unlike paper towels, it won't leave bits of fluff and lint behind, so you won't have to spend even more time doing chores.

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