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    These 26 Products Are Not Only Super Cool, But Also Less Than $30

    Budget-friendly shopping? Yes, please.

    1. A pack of leakproof poop bags that won’t rip on you halfway through clean-up. Reviewers love that they’re compostable and that they actually trap gross smells, too.

    several boxes of the poop bags on a colourful background

    2. A silk headband that'll keep your tresses out of your face while you sleep or do a face mask. The silk will also be super gentle on damaged or brittle locks!

    Someone wearing the headband and a matching PJ shirt

    3. A pack of artificial ivy that'll help you channel the spirit of the great outdoors (except, indoors). They're perfect for wrapping around a banister or hanging over your bed for some ~chill~ vibes.

    the ivy garlands around a tree

    4. A pair of oversized Guess hoop earrings that are perfect for days when you want to make a statement. They have a glittery accent on the inside and won't drag your ears down, even when worn all night.

    5. A copy of For the Love of Men: From Toxic to a More Mindful Masculinity, so you can learn about outdated patriarchal ideas that are still trying to dictate gender roles today. Reviewers say it's extremely engaging and that they've come away with a better understanding of how toxic masculinity has impacted them.

    The cover of the book

    6. A pack of fun barrettes that'll jazz up a French braid or messy bun. Reviewers say they're sturdy and have great grip, so they won't fall out of place while you go about your day.

    The clips laid out in a circle

    7. A light up deskpad that'll give your workspace a ~snazzy~ makeover. Reviewers love that it’s got plenty of colours options to choose from (14, to be exact!), plus a big enough surface area to fit both their mouse *and* a keyboard.

    A computer with keyboard and mouse setup on the lit-up mousepad

    8. A copy of Quizzes for Couples that'll help strengthen the bond between you and your boo. Reviewers say doing the quizzes have challenged them to learn more about each other (even after years of marriage) and love the variety — they cover everything from how well you know each other to ~bedroom questions 🙈~.

    9. A satin robe that'll make you feel like royalty on spa nights, or when you just want another layer of warmth in the mornings. Reviewers say it's super soft and smooth on their skin and that it makes a great piece for bridal parties.

    Someone wearing the robe

    10. A roll of decorative window film that'll jazz up your window panes and give you some extra privacy. It's adhesive-free, so it won't leave any sticky residue behind if you need to remove or reposition it.

    the adhesive window film on a set of windowed doors

    11. A copy of Burn After Writing filled with prompts that'll get you into self-exploration and self-reflection. Reviewers say it's helped relieve stress, and love that it asks deep questions without feeling like a full-blown therapy sesh.

    12. A foldable cutting board that'll make it easy to slide your sliced and diced veggies into your pan. It'll also save you from dropping ingredients on the floor while you journey from your counter to your stove.

    13. A 3-in-1 avocado tool that'll help you fly through brunch prep. You can use it to quickly peel, core, and slice your stonefruit, saving you precious time that could be spent looking at houses you'll never be able to afford 🙃.

    14. A giant time-marked water bottle that’ll remind you to stay hydrated throughout the day. You'll be able to easily track your daily water intake with the motivational marker while focusing your valuable mental energy on other things.

    A person holding the water bottle

    15. A bottle of liquid soil enhancer that'll give your plant babies a boost of nutrients so they can live their best leafy life. Reviewers say they've noticed a visible difference in the growth and overall health of their plants, and that even the sad, yellowing ones have returned to their happy, green selves.

    Someone holding the soil enhancer above various plants

    16. A bottle of Mario Badescu's cult-favourite facial spray that'll revitalize your skin with soothing aloe and hydrating rosewater. Reviewers love that they can mist it on both under and over makeup (some even use it as a setting spray), and say that it's done wonders for clearing up their skin.

    Someone holding a bottle of Mario Badescu facial spray against a cityscape

    17. A copy of Chew This Journal that’ll help you make some awesome memories with your four-legged BFF. It’s loaded with activities that go way beyond a standard game of tug of war, covering everything from basic manners to agility and barkour.

    The cover the the Chew This Journal

    18. A digital scale that'll tell you if your suitcase is over the carry-on weight limit, so you won't end up having to check your bag last-minute.

    The travel scale being used on a suitcase

    19. A set of bed sheet fasteners that'll keep your sheets in place even through the most fitful of sleeps. Making your bed in the morning will be way faster, which we all know means more snooze time.

    20. A gooseneck phone stand so you can fully enjoy lazing in bed, without worrying about dropping your phone on your face. It has adjustable clamps, so even the bulkiest case will fit comfortably.

    The flexible phone stand clipped onto a headboard while someone uses their phone

    21. A pack of cable organizers that'll help you organize the wires on your desk, so it's no longer in a state of apocalyptic disarray. Now you won’t have to scramble under your desk looking for the cord to your laptop charger.

    Three cable holders on a desk with wires running through one of them, next to a laptop and a phone

    22. A squeezable plushie that'll help alleviate boredom and fidgeting. Reviewers love how squishy and soft it is, and say it's really effective for relieving stress.

    23. A sand kettlebell that you can fill whenever you want, so you won’t have to lug heavy equipment to your next outdoor fitness class. Reviewers like that it's easy to adjust the weight and say it also works great with a cervical traction device.

    A product photo of the kettlebell

    24. A mini skincare kit with snail essence (that's right, SNAIL!) that'll help you get radiant, glowing skin. The travel sizes mean you can try out all the products, without all the commitment (and cost) of splurging on full-size versions — great for people who are just getting into skincare!

    The skincare set in its box on top of tulle, with a ribbon and bow around it

    25. A cat-shaped note dispenser that’ll keep your reminders where you can see them, making even mundane reminders less of a chore (emotionally, anyway). It can pull double-duty as a paperweight.

    A ceramic cat holding up a block of post-it notes

    26. And finally, a hiccup-curing straw that'll actually make those dreaded burps go away. Reviewers report that it is, in fact, an instant cure, and are relieved that they no longer need to resort to handstands or holding their breath.

    someone sipping water from a glass using the hiccup straw

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