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    Just 31 Awesome Products From Amazon Canada That Are All Under $20

    A mini E.l.f. palette, a shoe horn, blister balm — and more!

    1. A pair of adhesive tension rod hooks that'll keep your shower curtains from crashing down on you while you're in the middle of shampooing. Reviewers say they've stayed up well for months and love that they didn't have to bust out their electric drill to put them up.

    A person installing the hooks

    2. A mini E.l.f. eyeshadow palette that you can chuck in your clutch while leaving room for your phone, wallet, and other essentials. Reviewers love how pigmented and blendable it is and say the compact size makes it perfect for traveling.

    3. A tube of vegan CoverGirl tinted lip balm that's infused with hydrating pomegranate oils to give your pout a gorgeous tint. Reviewers love how pigmented it is and say it blends beautifully, making it perfect for days when you want a splash of colour that isn't too bold.


    4. A bottle of multi-benefit leave-in spray that'll do everything you want (including hydrate, condition, detangle, prevent breakage, soften, smooth, and strengthen) for a flowy, frizz-free, and ~fabulous~ head of hair. Reviewers love that it also has heat-protectant properties and that it doesn't grease up their mane even if they use a lot.

    5. A pair of collapsible colanders that you can pop open when you need to rinse some veggies or strain some spaghett 🍝. They won't take up all your cupboard space when you're not using them, making them perfect for tiny kitchens.

    Two collapsible colanders filled with veggies

    6. A pair of drawer organizers that'll keep your ties, camis, and other small items in neat and orderly grids. Reviewers say the cubbies are sturdy and love that they don’t have to sift through a mass of clothing just to find a matching pair of socks.

    An open drawer with two organizers inside and various clothing folded up

    7. A pack of eyebrow razors that'll help you keep your brows in tip-top shape without having to spend ages in front of a mirror with tweezers. You can also use them to remove unwanted peach fuzz and stray hairs around your bikini line.

    Closeup of someone using a shaver with the precision eyebrow shaping cap on

    8. A pack of cotton headbands that'll keep your hair out of the way whether you're doing your makeup in the morning or having a full-on spa night at home. They'll come in handy for your daily skincare routine, too (especially if you have bangs).

    9. A tube of Gorilla Glue that'll help you fix all your broken things, from your fave mug to your glasses. Reviewers love that it doesn't clog up easily and say a little goes a long way (so one lil' bottle will last you a while).

    A person holding a bottle of the glue

    10. A stick (or two) of Tide To-Go that'll save the day next time a hot sauce stain or a pooping bird decides to ruin your picnic date. It's about the size of a marker and just as easy to use — it'll be like the stain was never even there.

    11. A pair of moisturizing gloves for when your cracked and dry hands are in dire need of a pick-me-up. They’re perfect for a little “me time” and you can even reuse each pair a couple of times.

    12. A pack of colour-coded lanyards that'll help you keep track of your masks when you're out on the town. Reviewers say they're especially great for kids who are heading back to class (because you know how good little ones are at losing their stuff).

    13. A tub of spackle that'll make it easy-peasy to patch up any holes in your walls (while making sure you don't lose your security deposit). It goes on pink and will turn white when it's fully dried, so you'll know when it's time to sand.

    14. A pair of stainless steel tongue scrapers that'll gently scour away nasty mouth bacteria and leave you with fresh breath. Plus, they're more effective (and more pleasant) than scrubbing at your tongue with a toothbrush.

    15. A metal shoe horn that'll take some stress off both you and your kicks. Because you won't have to deal with knotted shoelaces, it'll save you time when you're rushing out the door.

    16. A bottle of Poo-Pourri toilet spray that'll make sure your business doesn't become anybody else's business. Its blend of essential oils won't leave your bathroom smelling like chemicals, either (and it's way safer than lighting a candle).

    A bottle of Poo-Pourri toilet spray

    17. An apple slicer that'll de-core and section your fruit in one fluid motion. Reviewers also love using it to make potato wedges — they say they come out the perfect size every time.

    18. An adorable mounted toothbrush holder that'll protect your brush head from bacteria and icky 💩 particles. It'll suction to your mirror or shower wall, so it won't take up precious vanity space.

    19. A password book that'll give you a dedicated place to jot down your 653 different logins, so you won't have to waste time recovering your user info (or locking yourself out). It has a spiral binding, so it'll lay flat for easy writing, and the hard plastic cover will keep your book safe from spills.

    The password book opened to lined pages labeled, "web site, email used, username, passwords, notes"

    20. A bottle of instant cuticle remover that'll give you a soft and smooth base for your manicure while also being faster and kinder on your fingertips than metal tools. You simply squeeze a bit onto each nail, let it sit for 15 seconds (or a minute if you're attacking a stubborn callus), and then rinse off with warm water.

    21. A pack of claw clips in soft matte shades that are perfect for spring and will keep your tresses out of your face. Reviewers say they have a strong grip and love that they don't leave behind any teeth marks.

    The five hair clips on a plate

    22. An electric milk frother that'll help you master the art of creating foamy, café-style beverages in seconds. Now you can get your macchiato fix every morning without having Starbucks dominate your bank statement.

    23. A bottle of stainless steel cleaner polish that'll blast away fingerprints and grease without leaving behind 🙀ghastly🙀 smudges. Reviewers love that it gets deep into every little crevice, so they're even able to use it to blend in small scratches.

    24. A roll of peel 'n' stick privacy film that you can plaster on any glass surface for that expensive, frosted glass appearance. It'll take care of glare, harmful UV rays, and nosy neighbours without blocking out the light (so you can toss those dusty blinds into storage).

    The privacy film on four windows around a large door

    25. A ball launcher that'll help you throw the ball harder, higher, and farther, so you can keep your pup engaged without putting extra strain on your shoulder. Reviewers love that they can use it to scoop up the ball, too, so they don't end up with slimy, slobber-covered hands.

    Someone using the ball launcher to throw a ball and a dog getting ready to run after it

    26. A pack of iPhone 13 screen and camera lens protectors that'll save you from having a heart attack every time you drop your phone. Reviewers love that it comes with an alignment tool to make installation a breeze (so you won't end up with a bubbly screen) and say the camera protector hasn't affected the quality of their photos one bit.

    A front and back view of an iPhone 13 with the two screen protectors

    27. A bottle of hyaluronic acid serum that'll help smooth out your skin and give it a refreshing boost. Reviewers love that it melts into their skin without leaving any sticky residue, so you won't have to worry about it caking up your foundation.

    28. A pack of key covers that'll save you from having to try every key when you need to lock up or get in. They're colour coded, but also have little tabs you can write on, so you'll never have to do any guessing.

    Someone in the process of writing "home" on one of the caps

    29. A pack of travel spray bottles so you can take your favourite scents with you without worrying about them getting confiscated pre-boarding. Reviewers say they're incredibly easy to fill up and like they don't have to stress about leakages or broken bottles.

    The five atomic spritzers

    30. A foot file that’ll help you buff away those layers of dead skin and tough calluses just in time for sandal season! Reviewers say their feet were noticeably softer after just one use.

    A large metal file with thick plastic handle

    31. And finally, a tube of anti-blister balm that'll protect your heels and toes from chafing. Reviewers say it's great for breaking in a new pair of kicks or when you're on your feet dancing all night (since it's wedding season, this will be handy to toss in your clutch).

    Some putting the blister balm on their heel

    You, telling your friends that everything in your new haul was under $20:

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