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    21 Things From Amazon Canada That'll High-Key Make Your Life Better For Owning

    A French bulldog ring holder, silicone pasties, a flat water bottle — and more!

    1. A set of farmhouse-chic anti-fatigue mats that'll make kitchen duty less of a (literal) pain by providing a cushiony support for your feet. Reviewers really like that they don't collect every bit of dust and dirt the way other mats do.

    The anti-fatigue mats on a kitchen floor in an L-shape, up against the cabinets and sink

    2. A pack of Clean & Clear blotting sheets that’ll take care of that greasy mid-day sheen on your T-zone. They won't smudge your makeup either, so you won't have to worry about splotchy foundation.

    Someone putting a pack of the oil blotting paper into their back pocket

    3. A handy colander scoop that'll let you drain and serve your pasta or roast potatoes right from the pot. It'll save you space compared to regular colanders and you won't have to risk burning yourself on hot water on your way to the sink.

    The colander scoop with pasta draining over a pot of more pasta

    4. A jewellery holder that'll give your favourite trinkets an adorable place to live. Reviewers like that it has weight to it, so it won't topple over under your giant statement ring.

    A french bulldog ring holder with a ring on it

    5. A multi-hook rack in a playful design that's basically a functional piece of art. Reviewers really like that it has protective padding to keep it from scratching their walls.

    The hooks with a dog leash, a set of keys, and a face mask hanging from them

    6. A two-sided magnetic dishwasher sign that'll let you know if you need to run a wash cycle. It's especially great for multi-person households, since you won't have to hunt each other down just to ask if the dishes are clean.

    7. A kids' feelings journal where you can write down or doodle your moods, instead of bottling them up inside of yourself. Reviewers say it's helped their kids cool off faster when they're upset, while still allowing them to express their frustrations.

    8. A bottle of sulphite-removing drops that'll let you drop your vino headache by filtering out all the hangover-inducing stuff. It's small enough to toss in your purse, so you can bring it to bars and boozy brunches.

    a bottle of the drop it wine drops next to two glasses of wine

    9. A copy of The Book of Questions that'll give you some intriguing queries to noodle on. Reviewers say it's awesome for road trips and first dates alike, and like that the small size is perfect for bringing on their commutes.

    10. A portable bidet so you can still enjoy that bidet life even if your current toilet situation won't accommodate a full-sized one. Reviewers love that it's gentler than using wads of TP on their ~down there~ areas and that it doesn't mess with their natural pH the way wipes do.

    The collapsible bidet on a neutral background

    11. A leather duffel bag that'll hold everything you need for your weekend beachcation (including those five extra outfits you brought “just in case”). Reviewers love how roomy it is and say the zippers and clasps feel really strong and sturdy.

    someone standing and holding up the leather duffel bag

    12. A set of clear storage bins that you can use to sort out your fridge (gone are the days of foraging through piles of produce). They're great for organizing if you like to buy in bulk and the handles make it really easy to move things around.

    A before and after of a fridge organized with the bins

    13. A silicone ice cube tray that'll help you make Dachshund-shaped ice for cocktail hour. The flexible mold makes it super easy to pop the ice out, so you won't have to pound the tray on a table just to be able to cool down your drinks.

    The ice cube tray with one dachshund-shaped ice cube standing on it

    14. A box of lavender-scented self-heating eye masks that you can pop on to relax your peepers after a long day of looking at screens. They also have ear loops that’ll keep them in place and will stay warm for 20 minutes.

    a box of lavender-scented heated eye masks

    15. A laundry bag that'll be perfect to bring along on your next road trip. It'll expand to hold a week's worth of laundry, so you won't have to stuff dirty underwear in the same space as your clean clothes.

    The laundry bag and expanded view

    16. A slim and stylish flat water bottle that'll easily fit in your purse or backpack. Reviewers say the size and shape make it very easy to pack for travelling and like that it doesn't take up a ton of space in their bags.

    The water bottle tilted at a 45 degree angle

    17. An adjustable phone stand that'll keep your device propped up, so you won't always be looking down at your screen (see ya, neck pain!). It's also really handy for reading recipes while cooking and will save your phone from having to rest on a sticky counter.

    Someone using the phone stand

    18. A pack of adjustable bra straps that'll save you from having to choose between ruining your outfit or going out unsupported. It comes with both clear straps (perfect for camis and strapless dresses) and stretchy, skinny ones.

    The two different styles of bra straps next to someone wearing the clear ones

    19. And a pair of silicone pasties that'll come in handy when you want to go braless and rock a sheer, white top and not show any nip (it's really not that much to ask). Reviewers say they're comfortable, don't threaten to slide off, and didn't irritate their sensitive skin.

    The nipple covers next to their packaging

    20. A pack of key covers that'll save you from having to try every key when you need to lock up or get in. They're colour coded, but also have little tabs you can write on, so you'll never have to do any guessing.

    Someone in the process of writing "home" on one of the caps

    21. And finally, a bottle of lavender-scented room and pillow spray that'll calm your senses and help you drift off to dreamland. Reviewers say that unlike other heavily-fragranced sprays, the scent is light and refreshing, and that it also does a great job of covering up lingering odors.

    The spray next to sprigs of lavender and other plants

    You, ecstatic about your new purchases:

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