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This Is What The Cast Of "The Craft" Looks Like Now

How has that Glamour spell paid off?

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The Craft, the beloved '90s film about a group of angsty teenage witches, is a Halloween classic.

Columbia Pictures / Giphy

Let's take a look back on what its cast looked like back in 1996, and what they look like now, shall we?

Fairuza Balk.

Columbia Pictures / Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Balk played the lovely Nancy Downs, and here she is in August 2011.

Neve Campbell.

Columbia Pictures / Kevin Winter / Getty Images

'90s scream queen Neve Campbell played Bonnie back in 1996, and here she is now in 2014.


Skeet Ulrich.

Columbia Pictures / Jason Kempin / Getty Images

Skeet back in the day as the charming Chris Hooker – and again in November 2013.