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Married Life: Stereotypes Vs. Reality

It's really not that boring, guys.

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Reality: The frequency in which you have sex no doubt changes when you've been with someone for a long time, married or not. But, it doesn't mean that your sex life is boring.


8. Stereotype: Your wedding anniversary is a VERY BIG DEAL.

Reality: You will go to Ikea to buy furniture and a have a complete meltdown arguing in public.

You might cry into a hot dog. You might try to storm off and get horribly lost. But you'll be fine by checkout. It's just what Ikea does to you.

20. Stereotype: If you have a pet and no children, you're selfish.

And are also "replacing a baby with a dog".

Reality: You'd just rather have a dog than a baby and that suits you both just fine. Doesn't make you selfish, it means you like dogs.


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