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    Married Life: Stereotypes Vs. Reality

    It's really not that boring, guys.

    1. Stereotype: You secretly feel like you're better than everyone else because you're MARRIED.

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    Reality: You really couldn't care less about anyone else's marital status.


    2. Stereotype: You hardly ever have sex.

    Reality: The frequency in which you have sex no doubt changes when you've been with someone for a long time, married or not. But, it doesn't mean that your sex life is boring.

    Giphy / 20th Century Fox

    3. Stereotype: You go for "brunch" and "country walks" and own things like "wallpaper strippers" and "food processors".


    Reality: It's all true and you love how fantastically fucking boring it is. / 20th Century Fox

    4. Stereotype: You're constantly arguing and bickering.

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    Reality: You'll of course have disagreements, but you're not constantly jumping down each other's throats.

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    5. Stereotype: One (or both of you) is secretly miserable in your marriage.


    Reality: If you're happy with your partner, you won't be miserable. Just because you're married doesn't mean you're bored.

    6. Stereotypes: Husbands are constantly on the verge of having an affair.

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    Reality: #NotAllHusbands

    ABC /

    7. Stereotype: When you go on holiday together you spend the majority of the time arguing.


    Reality: Travel-induced arguments do happen, but you don't actually spend the entire time you're on holiday at odds with each other.


    8. Stereotype: Your wedding anniversary is a VERY BIG DEAL.

    Reality: It's nice to go out and get shitfaced together to remember your big day, but it's not like the most important day of the year.

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    9. Stereotype: Husbands can never remember their anniversary.

    Reality: When you've been together for a long time, it's easy for anyone to forget!

    HBO /

    It doesn't mean you hate each other.

    10. Stereotype: The spark will die and you'll eventually start treating each other like flatmates who barely like each other.


    11. Reality: This is not guaranteed to happen in any relationship, never mind marriage.

    It might, but then again it might not.

    12. Stereotype: When your partner goes out of town, you go completely rogue.

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    Reality: You go completely rogue. The dog sleeps in the bed. You eat only pizza, drink milk from the carton, and watch reality TV nonstop.

    13. Stereotype: You will go to Ikea to buy furniture and have a complete meltdown while arguing in public.

    Reality: You will go to Ikea to buy furniture and a have a complete meltdown arguing in public.

    You might cry into a hot dog. You might try to storm off and get horribly lost. But you'll be fine by checkout. It's just what Ikea does to you.

    14. Stereotype: Your conversations revolve around bills, chores, and groceries.

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    Reality: Weirdly you do actually find other things to talk about because you both have other stuff going on in your lives.

    NBC /

    15. Stereotype: You hate each other's family.

    Reality: There will be things about your in-laws that drive you nuts, but things (probably...hopefully) aren't that bad.

    CBS /

    16. Stereotype: You have completely embarrassing nicknames for each other.

    Reality: You have completely embarrassing nicknames for each other. Even worse, you will accidentally use them in front of other people and then want to die.

    17. Stereotype: Married life is full of mundane, domestic tasks and events that never seem to end.

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    Reality: Married life can be very mundane, but not in a bad way. Buying a shed = very satisfying.

    Disney / Giphy

    18. Stereotype: You never go out anymore.

    BBC / Giphy

    Reality: NOPE.

    (If you have kids it's tricky but ya know.)

    19. Stereotype: You'll eventually start wearing matching outfits and finishing each other's sentences.

    Getty Images Pascal Le Segretain

    Reality: You accidentally go out wearing matching outfits and finish each other's sentences. But not like Kimye. Never like Kimye.

    20. Stereotype: If you have a pet and no children, you're selfish.

    And are also "replacing a baby with a dog".

    Reality: You'd just rather have a dog than a baby and that suits you both just fine. Doesn't make you selfish, it means you like dogs.

    And so WHAT if you want to put your dog in a stroller? Totally normal.

    21. Stereotype: If you have kids, you're exhausted and hate each other.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto MaxRiesgo

    Novice parents and baby newborn

    Reality: You're exhausted, but you love your family and you're actually quite happy THANKS.

    ABC / Giphy

    22. Stereotype: Netflix cheating (aka "watching ahead") is grounds for a divorce.

    Netflix /

    Reality: Netflix cheating is grounds for divorce.

    Netflix /

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