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    29 Times Old School Lara Croft Was A Total Badass

    "I make my own luck."

    1. This impossible leap.

    2. This flawless backwards flip.

    3. This gravity-defying Jeep chase.

    4. Slaying a dragon.

    5. Locking her butler in the freezer.

    6. Beating the crap out of a guy in a cave.

    7. Her frightening ferocity.

    8. This casual balcony dive.

    9. And just her wonderful diving skills in general.

    Which meant that you couldn't resist trying this...

    Which consequently lead to...

    10. Firing both guns whilst jumping in the air going AHHH.

    11. Firing one gun whilst jumping in the air from side-to-side and going AHHH.

    12. Her ability to make things disappear with just the touch of her hand.

    13. That time she crawled through a computer.

    14. Easily destroying someone twice her size in one shot.

    15. Somersaulting UP a ramp at full speed.

    16. This eyebrow movement.

    17. This high quality backtalk.

    18. And awesome one-liners.

    19. "These shorts are WAY TOO TIGHT for this shit."

    20. "No thanks, I don't need a towel."

    21. "I laugh in the face of danger!"

    22. This stellar slidey move.

    23. Forward-rolls for seemingly no reason.

    24. Graceful dismounts.

    SO graceful.

    25. And dainty balancing skillz.

    26. Her pure rage.

    27. RAGE!

    28. RAAAAGE!

    29. Plus, of course, knowing when she's lookin' damn fine.

    Here's to you, you glorious raider of tombs.